Kallyr Starbrow

First, a word of warning. Everything here is pre-HeroWars: around 1997, or thereabouts. It is not compatible with the version of Kallyr as presented in the HeroWars/Quest scenario books. It is, however, in so far as I can determine, consistent with everything published by anyone (and some stuff that never got as far as publication) from before the HW/Q line came out.

Various people have asked me to keep this available, as they base their campaigns on it, so here it is. I'll also try to dig out the 85%-finished stories I wrote based on this version of Kallyr. But no promises!

There are three main differences in the HQ version, as far as I can see

Anyway, back in time to the late 1990s, when I wrote this lot....

What follows is in two parts: a series of essays in which I examine the data we have (read: "had") about Kallyr, with analysis and deductions, and then a simplified series of conclusions, guesses, and making things up to make a good story that presented her as a useable NPC with a well-defined history and some suitable YGMV blank spots, ready for use in campaigns. This includes the Timeline for her career that was published in Enclosure.

Analysis, deductions and history

Kallyr's history is partly my own invention, but much more my deductions from the source text. Since these are rather more likely to be of interest to the casual reader than my inventions, I've presented her biography as a series of linked essays which examine each topic in turn. Due to the way everything in Glorantha is connected with everything else, I seem to have dissected quite a lot of the history of the Hero Wars along the way. A large debt of gratitude is due to Joerg Baumgartner, whose ideas on the CHDP have helped immeasurably, and without whose encouragement I would never have dared publish most of this. And reading his essay "How Argrath Became Prince of Sartar", which explains our combined thoughts on the Argrath/Kallyr conflict far better than I ever could, is strongly recommended.

Source material

The essays

The basics, as an NPC

So you don't want the analysis, just enough answers to use her as an NPC in the 1616-1621 period? Fair enough, just remember most of this is my opinion rather than "official" fact.


By other people, but either derived from my ideas or used as the basis for them (or both). The bits I've written are over in the "stories" section of the site.

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