Jane's Glorantha: Songs

A collection of Gloranthan folk music, adapted from Real World songs. The songs are sorted by area, and in most cases have notes as to their (Gloranthan and RW) authorship and history.

These haven't been given a major re-write, just "Gloranthified". I wanted maximum songs in minimum time, not anything clever. For stuff that has been given a (very good: in fact, much better) re-write, see Nick Brooke's Gloranthan Song Book. It's much more Lunar in nature due to his well-known preferences, and also tends more towards pop music than classical and folk. Interestingly, it includes the Lunar words to "Over the hills", which of course differ significantly from the Sun County ones: as they should do!

Where possible, I've provided a MIDI file to give you some idea what the tune's like. So if you're in the office, mute the volume before following links :)


The national instrument of Sartar is the bagpipes. This may suggest the source for many of these songs! Since I see Sartarites as predominantly Celtic, the odd Welsh or Irish song may creep in as well, along with some English drinking songs.

All right, so there are some less "authentic" ones as well.

Pavis County (and, later, Risklands)

Most of the Sartarite songs above, plus these ones about being far from home.

Pavis County has some of its own, written about local places and customs.

Sun County

English folk music: mainly the ones that start "In the merry month of May" and pretend not to involve attempts on the "honour" of some young lady. Since Orlanthi don't have these hang-ups, they don't sing this sort of song.

Some Templar recruiting and marching songs

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