Virtual Glorantha

Yes, full 3D virtual reality: VRML. For which you will need a plug-in. If you can see a spinning D6 in the box to the right, all is well. If not, time for a down-load. There are many possibilities, but Cortona is probably the easiest and most stable.

Dragon Pass

Yes, all of it. This is very basic at the moment, but what I've done is turned the KoDP map and the information on elevations from Dragn Pass, and turn it into an elevation grid. Colours are calculated from heights (white for snowy peaks, shades of green for vegetation), and there's a grey-scale overlay for marshes and rivers. Really, this needs a much finer grid (11 km at present) but the fact that you can stand on the site of Boldhome and see the top of Kero Fin beyond the Quivin peaks is, I think, impressive.
I'll see what I can do about refining it, and perhaps adding in a few landmarks and settlements.
And here's a version with the same elevation grid, but the map I was working from overlaid. The pictures of moutains look very odd when lying down....


It's back! The version of Virtual Pavis I had over on my old site. No changes, same old navigation. Still nowhere near finished. But you asked, so here it is.
And here's the new version! Still not complete, but better. Different background coding method, probably more bugs, but also more buildings. Some holes in the ground :(

Another little toy: over in the Swords campaign, we just gave away a Magical Widget to a friend. I tried to describe what I thought it looked like, and failed. So here it is. Four interlaced Truth runes, basically.

A krastkid: haven't finished the scripting yet, but it's semi-intelligent, and hungry. Here it is at the end of the "run":

If you like this sort of thing, you may want to visit a Yahoo Group dedicated to Digital Glorantha. It had it's second birthday recently, so I baked it a virtual cake. (And, since I just can't resist having things interactive, gave it Fire and Air runes, clicking on which either lights or blows out the candles).

Here are the worlds I'm working on, but haven't yet got back on line:

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