Do not tell me to "get a life". I already have several.

Mosaic self-portrait

Welcome to Jane's home page! In what passes for "real life", I'm a database designer and web coder. But you don't want to know about that, do you? In the usual thing of cobblers' children being short of shoes, my own website isn't updated anything like as often as it should be, and the design is.... yes. I'm a coder, OK?

Navigation around some of my lives may be found below. As well as those, I make things (cooking, sewing, knitting...), I like teddy bears and Beanie Babies, I have a harp, I'm obsessed with swords... but as yet none of this has got on line.

Worlds I inhabit

Glorantha (fantasy role-playing and writing)
Strongoak (medieval recreation)
Wargaming (mainly HOTT or DBA - fantasy, ancients, Dark Age)

Online games I play

Renaissance Kingdoms

Me in other places


What's new?

I've finally got my non-Gloranthan writing on line, and given it its own page! Poetry, stories, songs...

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