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My Glorantha writing is my main output, and the assorted stories can be found over here. Some of those are campaign write-ups from wargames set in Glorantha.

I also write in other universes from time to time: even this one! Quite a lot of this has gone out on my blog, and in various games forums, but I thought I'd bring it all together here. Bits from the Far Isles, Renaissance Kingdoms, and even Knight Fight, as well as non-Gloranthan roleplaying and some stuff that's just random.



Well, things that obey the 5/7/5 rule, anyway... Some about various gaming universes, destined for game forums, some done as part of conversations between the family, some as answers to challenges. On their own page.


Those Celtic things. One from the Far Isles, one from Renaissance Kingdoms. No Gloranthan ones yet, which is odd, as the site I used to learn about them is very Gloranthan.

Three things to gladden a cook's heart:
The smell of nothing burning
The sight of an empty slops-bowl
The sound of a feast-hall silenced
The Three Great Risings of Lancaster Feast:
The bread before baking
The crowd to greet their Duchess
Drunkard, from the tavern floor
But the Sun at its rising will be greater than the three

Iambic Pentameter

Thus far, despite study, only one of these things: I prefer a more compact verse form if I'm getting formal at all. My usual: start with a self-referential "how-to".

The stress must go on every other beat
"Pen-ta-me-ter" should mean I have five feet
I am iambic, that is what I am
In rhyming couplets, roughly, if I can.

There. Now we know.


Written for various Burns Night festivities up at Mel's


The Prologue from the Lancaster Tales - entry for a Renaissance Kingdoms poetry competition

Far Isles things

I'm a story-teller rather than a story-writer in the Isles (Sian, my Far Isles character, now vanished, was an illiterate Silver Branch Bard), but when I find any of my output actually written down, I'll put it here.

Misc stories

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