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Well, things that obey the 5/7/5 rule, anyway... Some about various gaming universes, destined for game forums, some done as part of conversations between the family, some as answers to challenges.


On writing them

Five, seven, then five
The syllables of each line
No, it does not rhyme

The hard bit, for me:
"Mention nature or season
in the second line"

I cannot compose
Iambic pentameters
Instead, write haiku

Haiku first flowered
Far away in Eastern lands
English suits them not

Condere haiku
in lingua latina
inutile est

LOLcat sez: "O hai,
i maded u a hai-coo
But i eated it"

Haiku? Addicted?
Who, me? I can give it up
Any time I like

Renaissance Kingdoms related

A Lancaster Inn.

Snow without: within,
the fire, mulled wine, and friendship
warm toes, heart, and soul



(A set of three written as an entry for an LJ community - subject: "dreams")

Trapped: huge, slow, sluggish
No scent: where are the flowers?
A flightless nightmare

Fly free, but no choice
Simple desires rule me
Sun; nectar; mating.

Butterfly or man?
Which reality will wake
From summer dreaming?

A challenge

Who, me?

Helen suggested that a nature reference in the second line would be impossible in a haiku on the subject of, say, crochet, or quantum mechanics. The first one is now part of my LJ user icon.

"Impossible" means
Like a distant mountain peak,
"Climb me: I dare you!"

Three treble, two chain:
Flowers spiral from the ring
But white, scentless, dead

Sunlight: photons choose
Sand grains build into dunes, or
Waves crash on the beach


KnightFight related

An on-line game: the forum acquired a haiku thread.

To write haiku is
Too difficult, some knights say
Instead, hit someone.

Choose the theme: KnightFight
The first two lines set the scene
Last line jars: punch-line

Why did I attack?
My next sword will cost much gold
Hilt - sponsored by you.

One may find herein
The answer to all questions:
"Read the FAQ. Solved. Locked."

Aesthetic ruling:
Hand-crafted looting is Art
Bots and scripts lack class



Hobbits enjoy it:
Facts laid out fair and square with
No contradictions.

Never too old for
inspired enthusiasm.
Be optimistic!

So, roses are red.
Does the lashing rain care if
Violets are blue?

Over Wiltshire roads
Water rises steadily
Next weekend - washout?

Awake? No. In work?
The rising sun saw my car
enter Priory Park.



(inspired by ThinkGeek)

"Object expected."
Was that supposed to help me?
I love Javascript.

Counting syllables?
Automation is needed.
execute haiku()

Beware: time-warp found!
"Time remaining: 2 minutes"
(Microsoft minutes.)

This haiku must be good:
"Poetry, fifteen percent"?
Rolled a critical!

delete from users
where hasabrain = 1
(0 row(s) affected)


Gazing through the office window

Clear blue cloudless sky
Inside, air conditioning purrs
Denying the heat

White, skipping with joy
Bouncing on the fresh spring grass
Not lambs, but hailstones

Sun shines, bunnies hop.
How could today not be good?
I can see the sky.

In the frozen earth
A thrush pecks for worms: finds none
Futility rules

Two baby moorhens
Huge feet, staggering, propel
A ball of black fluff

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