VRML Krashtkid demo

In the box below is a VRML world, with twice five miles of fertile ground (well, almost) that with walls and towers has been girdled round.
And my pet Krashtkid.
And a rabbit.

This is likely to be unfortunate for the rabbit.
All is not quite lost: the poor little thing is frozen with fear, but you'll find you can drag it away from the approaching monster, which will then change direction to chase it.
Of course, you may prefer to just watch its demise: there are viewpoints from the grandstand (where you start) and also from the point of view of the Krashtkid, and that of the Rabbit.
That's the plan, anyway: at present it just approaches in a menacing manner, rearing up and opening its jaws when it gets close enough to attack. The code to make it shoot pratzim, pounce, and eat, is not yet there.

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