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Vinga: Associated cults

Note that not all these cults will be regarded as associated at all temples, and the spells supplied may vary.

Universal associations:

Orlanth Thunderous

giving Cloud Call.
(Also, it is just as easy to be both Daughter of Vinga and Storm Voice as it is to be both Wind Lord and Storm Voice. That is, not very, but possible. Confusingly, the joint title is often "Wind Lady").


giving Restore Health (STR)
(The same relationship does not hold here, since priestesses of Ernalda must be mothers, and in many other ways the skills and attitudes required are too different).

Chalana Arroy

giving Invigorate
In return, Vingans teach Healers how to Dodge as well as supplying spells as normal.


At the very beginning of the Darkness, Vinga came across Chalana Arroy, who wished to find the source of the Darkness and heal it, but was being prevented from leaving by Orlanth's warriors, who feared for her safety.
"She is weak", said the warriors. "She will not hurt even an enemy."
"That is not weakness", said Vinga. "That is strength. Would you have the courage to do the same? Let us see how it may be used."
And she showed Chalana Arroy how to avoid injury in a fight by never being where the foe expected her, while never seeking to fight back or to cause injury herself. Chalana Arroy continued on her quest, and joined the Lightbringers, who were glad of her skills.


giving Teleport reusably and Guided Teleport as one-use
Mastakos had gone with his master Orlanth to seek the Light. But they had been ambushed by the monster Jagrekriand, and Mastakos was too badly injured to continue. Pole Star, watching the quest from far above, saw this and told those who remained in Orlanth's stead of Mastakos' fate. Vinga went in search of Mastakos, rescued him from the monster's lair, and brought him home for healing. Mastakos was grateful to Vinga for this, and let her ride in his chariot once he had rebuilt it.

Location-specific associations:


supplies the power to Speak to Horses, and will teach riding to Vingans. (This association is location-specific only because Elmal's worship varies. Where he is seen as Orlanth's loyal thane, he is associated with Vinga.)

Pole Star

is such a minor cult in Orlanthi society that this association has very little significance: especially in that it is apparently only noted at Pavis, where there is no Pole Star representation at all. (Yes, this is meant to be an enigmatic statement. It does make sense, but you have to think about other links and stories rather hard.)


giving Command Undine: this is specific to the Black Eel River area.

Storm Bull

giving Face Chaos : at Bullflood. She gives him Shield.

When Orlanth had bound the Bull with his lariat and left, taking his cat with him, Vinga came out from where she had been watching. [She had been hoping to find a way to beat the Bull in combat herself, but now knew that what Orlanth had done was beyond her strength. Still, there might be another way. ]

But Vinga was not the only one who had watched that fight. The Pre-Dark things that usually fled from the Bull had also been there, in hiding. Normally they would have been scared of the Bull's wrath, but now they had seen him bound they knew they were safe to attack.

Looking at the numbers of monsters approaching, Vinga hesitated, for she knew there were too many of them for her to fight alone, and the Bull was still bound. The Bull jeered at her, saying that she was a scared little girl who should run home to her mother, and Vinga made up her mind. She tossed her knife to the Bull. "Untie yourself, then" she said, and drew her sword. And she held off the monsters and their spells until the Bull was freed, and then they attacked together and drove them off.


supplies one of Vinga's gift/geas pairs: but, obviously, only where Vingans use gift/geases, and where a Humakt temple exists near a Vingan temple.
Once Humakt was attacked by an enemy whom he had sworn not to harm. He could not defend himself without breaking his word: but Vinga was not so restricted. She borrowed his great sword to defend them both, and he made it light enough in her hands that she could wield it.

The four Weapon Cults are each tied to a single location, also, as shown in the Sub-Cults section.

Political alliances, with no association:

In some cities (Pavis is the most famous), an alliance exists between the temples of Uleria and Vinga: the Ulerian initiates get protection from their "clients", and the Vingans get the occasional use of the Community spell on their training area.

In return Vinga will provide her special spells to female members only of the above cults, and combat training to all.