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Vinga: Special magic

Spirit Magic

Bladesharp, Befuddle, Detect Enemies, Disruption, Mindspeech, Mobility plus specials below. Note that apart from Droop, no more than one of these "special" spells is likely to be available at any given temple.

(Incidentally, it may seem that there are some strange gaps in that list. Remember that most Vingans remain Ernalda initates, and can get spells from her).


1 point, ranged, duration 1 day.

If the caster overcomes the (male) victim's magic points then he becomes - well, unable to carry on with what he was about to do. And yes, it does work on Broo. Casting the spell is normally accompanied by pointing at the target and laughing, though this is not essential for the spell to work. Note that no actual damage is done other than to the target's ego, and no other abilities are affected.


variable, touch, temporal

Raises SIZ to half its current value again for purposes of knockback only. There is no effect on hit points or actual physical size, and normal species (not gender) maximums do apply. If you're already SIZ 20, don't bother with this spell.

Read Foe

Variable, touch, temporal

Allows the caster to predict an opponent's attack just before it is made, thus effectively raising her Dodge skill by 5% per point of spell.

Borrow harm

1 point, ranged, instant

Cast on an attacker attempting a melee attack of any kind, but especially useful in unarmed combat. If the opponent's attack is successful, the damage bonus from it is transferred to any one successful attack the caster makes against them that turn. The opponent may appear to throw themselves onto the floor, or onto the Vingan's blade. Useful against larger and stronger opponents (like men!). Armour protects normally. This may appear to be a Bat-killer, but remember the target can resist the spell. It does work well against dinosaurs.


1 point, touch, temporal

Reduces the target's DEX strike rank by 1. SR cannot go below 0.

Divine Magic

Common spells: Sanctify, Worship Vinga, Spell-teaching, Excommunicate, Soul Sight, Heal Wound. Vinga also has direct access to the divine magic specific to Orlanth Adventurous (with the exception of Bless Woad), but not that specific to Orlanth Thunderous or Rex. So Command Sylph, Flight, Shield and Wind Words are also Vingan spells, as is:


ranged, temporal, stackable

Roughly similar to the Humakti spell of "Morale".

Normally cast in battle, causes seven-times-seven of the caster's followers per point, plus the caster herself, to become Fanatical, as per the spirit magic spell. Extra points of the spell increase the numbers of followers affected, and also increase the range (multiply standard range by the number of points used). The followers need not be Vingans, and in fact are often male. They may try to resist the spell, though this is hardly normal behaviour. If they are already Fanatical then the spell has no effect.

Duration is as standard for divine magic. Unlike the more formal Humakti spell, there is no ceremony needed (shouting "follow me!" is normal, but not required) and no regimental standard. Instead, the caster's red hair acts as the standard: this is not a spell for those who like to lead from the back!

Inspire is compatible with most other spells, including Mindlink and Mindspeech. It is not compatible with Berserk, or with being affected by Demoralise: in both cases, the Inspire will be lost.

It has been suggested that the effects if the caster is killed while the spell is "up" can be rather strange: rather than the spell simply being cancelled, the followers under its effect can go either Demoralised or Berserk. This has not often been tested in practise.

Notable battles when this spell has been used include Dangerford (1625) and Old Top (1626).