The Upland Marsh


A campaign run by Adrian Smith, based around a group of ex-Lunar soldiers in a land grant to the south of the Upland Marsh via a Yahoo Group



NamePlayerHomeland(former) occupationMagic
OhehaJane WilliamsDarjiinHunter, scoutSpirit (Black Death Snake practitioner), 7 moms
XerxisMike HolmesCarmaniaWizardry
AshIan GordonCarmaniaInquisitionTheist: Hu'Makt devotee
VaronilJens Haeusser TorangHussarDevotee of Yanafal_Tarnils
PortaSoren PetersenVanchTraderLunar (7 moms)



The position of our grant (produced by Adrian using Campaign Cartographer).
A closer look at the grant (also produced by Adrian using Campaign Cartographer).


RW dateGame dateMessagestitleStatus
Dec 20041619193Inglorious defeatComplete
Dec 2004Sea Season 1620194-206We're here - and we need a CouncilComplete
Dec 2004Sea Season 1620205-299-365Who's standing for the Council?Porta's comments?
Dec 2004Sea Season 1620218-324-?Scouting for spiritsDo we agree to swear an oath?
Dec 2004Sea Season 1620287-?Ash returns: in camp, first night"Future", collection of dialogue

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