Plans of the Cradle

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A deck

B deck

B4 B7 B6 B5 B10 Hatch down from B9 to C6 B9 Hatch down from B8 to C7 B8 Hatch down from B2 to C3 B2 B1 B3



Contains nothing more than a ladder up, and three sets of 8 wooden disks, 1m in diameter each. Each of the 3 piles is a different colour - there is one red, one white, one black. Doors to B2 and B3

B2 The ladder up to B deck emerges into another large storage room. In the rear wall there is a large door, hinged along the floor so that it opens down and out into the cradle. Scattered on the floor are several piles of gold, eight large sealed barrels, and 19 marbles, 1m each in diameter, made of various substances. Jamal spots gold, pearl, bronze, glass amongst them. There are also four large - very large - scrolls. It would take three or four people to unroll and read them.
B9The Horn of Slops Room
B10The Silver Room. First one we entered, and where we're camped. Hatch up to deck A.

C deck

C1 C2 C5 C4 Hatch down from C3 to D1 Hatch up from C3 to B2 C3 Hatch up to B4 Hatch up to B7 Hatch up from C7 to B8 Hatch up from C6 to B9 Hatch down from C6 to D9 C6


C1The door (from C3) opens inwards. Standing in the passageway and looking in, the heroes can see a bare room. The floor is littered with bones and the corpses of several giant rats. There is an aura of malevolence in the room apparent to [Dori, Malan and Enfrew, but not Jamal and Vern]. The wyter's blessing does not penetrate completely through the room, and shadows and patches of darkness still lurk there. Enfrew has inspected: he can sense no signs nor odours of Undeath. Indeed, quite the opposite. There appears to be an abundance of Death. And on investigation...
As the Truewind permeates the room shadows flicker and roam, as though swept aside by the breeze. One corner remains dark, however, and neither the wind, nor the wyter's light blessing, nor Enfrew's meditation can penetrate it. Darkness and mystery are its protection, Fear and Death its qualities. Although Enfrew cannot pentrate the presence, its character is clear enough to him.
The warrior breaks off. "Trollish magic," he says shortly. "A powerful Shade resides here, inimical to life."
C2 The door swings open in to storage room, empty save for five sealed barrels and a rug. Each of the barrels is marked by a large element rune - one each for Earth, Darkness, Air, Water and Fire - but they are otherwise unremarkable. The rug is large, red and square, and lies open in the centre of the floor.
C3Another alcove. Ladders lead through hatches up and down, and there are two forward facing doors.
C4Starboard walkway. The carving in this corridor shows a great market in a mountain pass. There are elves, dwarves, trolls and giants, all apparently associating peacefully with one another. The inner wall has peepholes to look at the Baby.
C5Port walkway: outer wall shows a moving picture of the Legion defending an earlier Cradle, inner wall has peepholes to look at the Baby.
C6Alcove in a walkway: where we came down. Hatch down to D10, ladder up to B9

D deck


D1The Dancing Room: "a beautiful room, lemon-scented and filled with the most profound music. Gently lights flicker and wave...." There is a map of the Sky Dome traced on the ceiling, with all the stars and planets. Aside from that there is a large heavy door in the rear wall.
D2a major storage area containing giant-sized tools. There are three huge whetstones, a knife the size of a greatsword, an 8m long wooden log, and heads for a shovel, pick and axe. Apart from that there are further exits in the port and starboard walls, and a hatch that heads down. There is also a vertical door in the upper half of the rear facing wall - the one that faces the baby's chamber.
D5Tunnel under baby. The tunnel runs the entire length of the baby's chamber, and ends in a door similar to the one entered by. Along the tunnel's walls are large carvings of runes. All the well-known runes are represented (except for Chaos), as well as some that are unfamiliar to the explorers. Death, Communication, Truth, Life, Illusion, Water and Movement are among them.
D8 Another large room filled with giant tools and curiosities. The floor is covered with shavings, and there are two large lenses made of a magical transparent material Jamal identifies as glass. There are also two stone statues about 4m long, easily recognised as the gods Yelm and Lodril by their symbols. Yelm is made of flint, whilst Lodril is hewed from obsidan. There are doors to the port and starboard walls, and one in the wall facing the heroes (to D9) There is also a hatch with a ladder leading down.
D9full of ingots of precious metals. There must be several tonnes of gold, silver, lead, bronze... and others that can't be identified. There is a Warding over this room: Jamal has been injured entering it from D8.
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