Here are some recent stories I've written based around my character in Guy Jobbins' Swords campaign:
  • a duel she fought in Nochet in 1617
  • a first-person account of something she got up to in a Sartar peat bog (I told this at the Storytelling at Scotscon recently)
(I'm now moving the Chronicles to my site, too)


And, from the same campaign, a few Humakti myths. Based on others, so you'll have to read some good stuff by other people before reading mine.


In the game, we have a Dragon to kill, in order to rescue a river that we then need to persuade to provide some friends of ours with water. All very Aroka, but we're not Orlanthi. So we hunted around, and found this, by Trotsky. (Go on, read it. Then come back here.) It's a great story, but we're not Vadrus, either. So I did a slight variation that put the credit back where it belonged and altered the view point slightly: "How Humakt Kills Dragons".

Badgers and other weirdness

When Guy works late, he tends to find some very weird Flash things on the Net, and share them with us. Here's one of them, involving Badgers, Mushrooms, and Snakes. Warning: lots of sounds! Then someone followed up with a modern rendition of the Hamster Dance.

And then we were sort of dared to write a myth with that lot in. Badgers, snakes, mushrooms: it seemed obvious to me that there were Earth links here. So I re-read Humakt's Oath, and then added an extra episode to it: "Humakt and the Earth Tribe".


This is a collection of the various stories I've written about Kallyr over the years - most sat around in a 85% finished state for ages, and I'm trying to polish them off and make them available. Some depend on the version of Kallyr's story before the universe changed for HW/HQ, and no longer fit the current reality, but that's life. They're still fun.
Also remember when reading this that we had no idea how hero-questing worked - no rules covered it. Some of the terms I use may look familiar from HQ, but they probably don't imply quite the same things.


Back in the RQ days, we knew Kallyr had a link with Polaris, but we also knew that he was a Solar god with next to no Orlanthi presence. "Rigsdal" was unheard of. So, how did she even hear of his existence, never mind get major powers from him?

We start with a Vingan myth that I told at Convulsion, and than published on the Web just in time for the Millenium.
How Polaris joined the Storm Tribe

Then we go on to a sort of meta-story. You can blame Guy Jobbins for this. (Yes, same Guy who's running the Swords campaign). He invited me to join a new (earlier) PBeM he was starting up. Most people had to prove they could write by presenting him with a description of 'An Orlanthi warrior boasting about his victory'. He let me off, because he reckoned he already knew I could write. And I was very glad he did, because I hate writing that sort of story. So here's what happened when I had some help in writing it:
"So then I hit him"

Coming "soon"?

My story production may not be quite as bad at running late as Greg's (HeroQuest was how many decades delayed?) but it's bad enough. Here's what I've got drafts for, found recently lurking on an old floppy disc. Some may never get finished, some are almost done, some have had reality changed under their feet so much that I'd rather restart. No promises. Oh, and some of these only touch on Kallyr in a peripheral way.

  • I called this one "Three battles", though the notes seem to contain more than that. Scenes in 1565, 1582, 1600 and 1607, all from Kostajor's view-point. I have a few scraps of fact to work with, and I gather Greg is doing things with him in the background, so this may be a mistake, but never mind. The scene where Kallyr first meets Broyan and they both get treated like idiot children (puppies?) by Kostajor is too good to lose.
  • If I can find it, what was intended as a flash-back at the start of a PBeM, for a PC who was intended to grow up to be Orngerin Holdfast. The game will never now re-start, but this was the first time he'd met Kallyr, when they were both about six. And she got him into trouble. Some things just don't change.
  • Just found the hard-copy notes for another one, set in 1613. Her reaction to the finding of Temertain, from the PoV of a very junior and biased Sage working for Minaryth. Can't find electronic copy, and it's 85% note form anyway :(
  • "Old Bones" - this is actually about Argrath White Bull, and doesn't even mention Kallyr. Well, not by name. It looks as if it was intended for a production about Teshnos.
  • Un-named (I'm useless at names!) - the time in 1625 when Kallyr meets Argrath White Bull and his army of invading Praxians, and why he becomes one of her most loyal supporters as a result.
  • A pseudo-Gloranthan scholarly document: the comments of a 1640s Sage (one Sian Quillsharp) on a Divination recorded by another Sage back in the mid-1550s. All about the history of the cult of Vinga. With comments that it's a good job Kallyr never saw this, it might have given her ideas. But someone seems to have gone through it in the early 1620s and underlined bits....
  • "Captured" - a modern one, for once! On the Whitewall list, we were discussing Kallyr's timeline as published in OiD, and noticed that she seems to vanish for much of 1620. "Among the Quivini", which tells us next to nothing. Donald Oddy suggested, presumably in jest, that she'd been captured by a Lunar officer who had no idea who she was, and got delayed by paperwork and red tape for a season or so. This was obviously completely silly, until we looked at her Trickster's stats. Then it was still silly, but fun. Draft 1 (produced while in solitary confinement in a motorway service station for a week) was passed around the pub-meet at the end of April 2004, and is being re-done as a result of comments there. I'd hope to get it finished quite soon.

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