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Jane's Glorantha: Sun County: Secret History: Intro

This is the result of my asking MOB (who originally wrote "Sun County") what happened in 1613, when Sun County had a new Count. He, I, Peter Metcalfe, Alison Place and Ian Gorlick had a long email conversation in which we sorted out just what had happened, and lots of other interesting things as well. We said we would write it up properly and send the results to the Digest. Somehow, we never got round to it. What did happen was that I put the combined result into HTML and showed it to MOB: who was trying to find more material for Questlines II at the time. He grabbed it ("It's wonderful! I'll just change a few things...") and published the final result. Well, QLII is now (finally) out of print, so I can put the Secret History up here without damaging sales.

First a note on Dates. The dates given in "Sun County" are ambiguous at best. Ages are given for many of the main characters, but the date "today" is not given explicitly. A timeline for the "Rabbit Hat Farm" section states that the farm was raided by nomads in 1616: this starts the scenario, so I took this as the defining date. Borderlands, just down the river, was explicitly stated as being 1615/16. By 1620 the main characters will be a little older, but this isn't likely to affect the plot.

Now the History proper. First we examine some ancient history, then the past of each of the main groups of characters, and then see how it all fits together.