Jane's Glorantha: Research on Ducks

(A very incomplete source data collection)

New! An article on Duck Language (Quicking) over on RuleOne magazine, and a utility to help with the translation!

DuckPak, as produced by Sérgio Mascarenhas back in 1997. Sadly, I can't find a valid email address for him (yet), but he originally made this generally available to anyone interested, and I'm hoping this permission still applies.

John Hughes says that "The best durulz reference is still John Castellucci's 'What the Beak Quacks' at http://www.ibar.com/rqa/beak.html where you can learn all about Hueymakt Deathdrake, Ducka Fowl and the Storm Bill.

John also wrote some stuff in ne of the Yahoo Groups "... for a slightly more serious (sure.....) summary, see my own post at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HeroQuest-RPG/message/12072

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