Various files and links relevant to the RQ PBeM taking place via a Yahoo Group or two. A random assortment of odd characters (many of them left-overs from other campaigns) are trying to make a go of Dracostead, in Dorastor, despite interruptions from Chaos, the neighbours, and religious arguments. Most of those who originally got granted this stead are now dead, and various others have come along and moved in, as guests or as full members, depending on how much we like them.


There's a lot of stuff in the YG Files area: but sadly Yahoo have started using strange virtual URLS, so I can't give direct links, and links between files within the area don't work. Hence this page, where I can do HTML with links in. I'm told the Group is now closed - membership has to be approved by the owner (Adrian).


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I'll try to get our past adventures up here as and when I can, but I'm working through the 4000-odd messages in reverse order, or as I need a reminder of what we've been doing.
Real dateGame dateYahoo message numbers (approx)Event
August 2000?1-80Caravan guards (Muse Roost to Hazard Fort)
September 200080-Hazard Fort arrival
Autumn 2000 - Feb 2001?Sea season 1617Mainly IRCSearch for missing people in the Spider Woods, meeting the Bat on the way
March 2001Mainly IRCWe acquire a trollkin
April 2001300ishNaming our new stead
June 2001Clayday, Movement Week, Sea Season 1617441-596 (on and off)Tabiti's 14th birthday, Vinga holy day.
June 2001455Tallison arrives
August 2001Fight a Chaos Thing (walktapus?), Amaranth-rider killed
August 2001A troll arrives
November 2001900sStrazzen and Orlfinn arrive, Hanil dies
August - Dec 2001End of Sea Season 16171013,1036 - 1300 Starhawk arrives. Light v. dark arguments start (and go on, and on)
Last half of 2001End of Sea Season 1617About 1000-1400 Tallison v. Starhawk - Starhawk arrives, trolls are discussed, Tallison goes barmy, then departs.
Jan 2002Around 1550Ellarhan comes to see Tabiti
Jan 20021427Barn-raising, jack-o-bear
Feb-May 2002?1600-2031Helping the Soderfalls with some scorpionmen: Heretic arrives
May 20022031-2300Yet more arguments over dark v. light
May 20022300-Starhawk & Strazzen go on a trip, Petronax visits shrine, Tabiti gets Vingan training.
Aug - Nov 2002Godday Deathweek Fireseason 16172487, 2762, etcGeneral home-coming, a trip to Hazard.
Dec 2002?2800-2900Dragonsnail at the stead
Feb 2003?2900-2940Starhawk returns, we discuss horsebreeding and taxes.
Mar 2003 - Aug 2003Harvest time, 16172941-3250Raiders (unfinished)
Oct 2003-Feb 2004Fire season, 16173331-3575A trip to the Nangtili Plateau

PCs: who's who

Petronax Jim Retired Pelorian soldier (not a Lunar at all...), likes building and making things. Steadholder.
TabitiJane 14-year-old red-haired Pentan, ran away from home to avoid being handed over to the Lunar demons (and eaten, she believes). One of the original stead-holders. Apprentice Vingan, and adopted by Orlfinn as his daughter.
OrlfinnAdam Orlanthi farmer: moved here complete with wife and two children. Has since adopted Tabiti.
StarhawkIan Dara Happan, horse archer, with strong feelings about trolls.
Rastorlanth Milos Orlanthi herder
Parthak Dave Black Herbalist from Horn Gate
Hastur Warren  
Deceased or retired PCs:
Groom (was Ferik) - UroxiJohn Goldendied fighting raiders
Bane (was Heretic) - UroxiJamesdied fighting raiders
Amaranth-rider (formerly No-Bison) - PraxianMike Gamer Died on the way to the stead, fighting Chaos. His bison, Amaranth, is still around.
StrazzenShannonwandered off after the fight with the scorpion-men
Sweyn the HumaktiNealArrived, and died, in the first Scorpion-man fight
Hanil the shamanIandied in combat with a disease spirit
Eldross, duck scribeDavewandered off into the Spider Woods one day
Chuff the baboonvariouscame here from Prax, taken ill on our arrival
Badow, hobbit herbalistrowena joyce studying at the C.A. temple
Amrod - OrlanthiMichaelWent off to join Urox
Remel - SartariteNPC?Went off to Bilini to find more Chaos to fight
Belchar the troll alchemistDave Blackchased off by Starhawk
Kvarct the Trollkin brewer Tedchased off by Starhawk
Tallison, Sun Domer who went barmyPaulran away before Starhawk got the chance