Jane's wargaming antics

A hastily thrown-together index page...

I've been doing wargaming for years: ancients, Dark Age, and more recently, fantasy. A while back, I got sucked back into wargaming (Gloranthan wargaming, naturally) by the GloryGeeks. They run an event called GloryDay once a year, in which various factions compete (using HOTT rules to fight battles from time to time) to re-run various Big Events in Gloranthan history.

So, here we have some pictures of the 15mm armies I had at the time they sucked me in, with the potential to be converted into Gloranthans.

There are more wargaming pictures on Flickr.

And I have written up a couple of battle reports as Gloranthan stories.

A HOTT battle report: or, The unfortunate end of Polemarch Roquefort
Another HOTT battle report, the GloryDay06 campaign. The Fate of Dragon Pass and the Muswell Duck.

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