Jane's DBA armies

Soon to be HOTT armies for Glorantha, I hope. You can blame the GloryGeeks for getting me interested again, and Gregory Privat for proving to me that there's no point in me trying to paint or model. I can't. But I can probably overpaint the Iron with Bronze?

This lot are ancient. I found them lurking in the old army box, I pulled them out to greet old friends, but can't now remember where I got the figures from, who painted them, or anything else remotely useful. Well, in some cases I know I painted them, but the ones I bought - no idea. I've run them in front of a digital camera : click on each pic for a bigger (4* size) version. No, I'm no photographer, either.

Oh, and in case it isn't obvious, they're all 15mm.

Ancient Brits.

I do remember these. Painted by me. Models nothing like as "assorted" as I'd have liked.

Nothing very remarkable AFAIR. The chariot on the left is carrying Boudicca (or Cartimandua if I'm in that sort of mood). The next bears my old friend Battersea Bill, the guy with the pretty but useless shield. "Camp" is a minor hill fort with a Druid sacrificing some screaming female or other next to a chunk of Stonehenge (Milliput). I suspect there are more bases there than there should be for DBA, but so what?

Early Imperial Romans

Intended as opponents for the Brits, of course. These were painted for me by a guy at the local club called John Leggett, who I haven't seen for ten years or so now. Nice job, John. The Camp is all mine, and made out of matchsticks.


Painted by me - looks like I'd improved a bit since I did the Brits, but not by much. Lots of axe-wielding warbands. Maybe I could use them in Tarsh? But they're all male :(


I bought them. Somewhere. Looks like the painter enjoys black-lining. Lots of spears, and the Blades are using big axes. Nice raven banner.


Again, I bought them. And then had terrible trouble telling which unit was meant to be which. Three bods on a stand, with assorted weaponry - so are they 3Ax, 3Wb (Gall Gael), or 3Bd (Ostmen)? But if they're moving to Glorantha, who cares?


Yes - bought them. Loadsa bows.


Intended to be my husband's - some, like the command group, were painted for him, others he did himself.

Minoan Greek

Bought, because they're pretty! Just look at the ox-hides on the chariots!

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