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The StrongOak Pirates

Sian Dafydd Pierre Helena
Fender Navigator Pilot Small boat specialist

3A article, September 2001

After the many false accusations of Piracy that have been leveled in the direction of StrongOak, it seems that their leaders have finally realised that this is a possible source of revenue of which they are not yet taking full advantage. They possess a long-ship, but actual experience at sea (or even on small rivers) is limited among their number.

So it was that the good ship Silver Mirage set sail from the port of Brundall in order to scout out the lands of the East Fens for wealth, alcohol, and cream teas. After some slight misadventures involving broken ropes, crew members left stranded, and slightly squashed dinghies, they got the hang of steering their craft. There were a few problems in finding their way, but the Guildmaster of the Navigators was on board, and had recently been presented with many ways of finding North, (some of which worked), so this confusion was short-lived.

Then they set about the serious business of finding someone to rob. Sadly, other boats seemed lacking in treasure, and in fact their only profitable interaction with other craft was a rescue they carried out that resulted in many cries of "the beer's on us".

However, looking for landmarks on the shore was of great interest! Many church towers were spotted that proved to mark the sites of much silver and other treasures, and, better yet, more colourful signs marked the location of taverns! All of these were carefully tested to the great delight of all concerned. Yet, at the end of the day, no church silver remained in StrongOak hands.

While the trip was deemed a success by all, it seems that Piracy as such is not a skill that StrongOak seem destined to acquire. They will, in all likelihood, stick to the tried and trusted methods of using the ship merely to transport them to the nearest sign saying "worth looting", and carrying on as normal from there.


Or in the mundane...

Four of us took a boat out on the Broads for a week. It was fun! And Norwich Cathedral has an amazing collection of ancient silverware.