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The Second Company: who we are!

Camp Louisiana July 1861

The present re-enactment group was founded in 1985 with four members and a half scale cannon. Today we have between fifteen and twenty members and our cannons are supplied by the American Civil War Society, to whom we are affiliated.

We have equipment which enables us to set up a 'living history' encampment and recreate the life of the unit as it would have been in the 1860's. Most of our members camp under these conditions at events but for those who prefer camping in comfort there is always a 'family' camp where caravans and modern tents may be pitched.

We are a family orientated group so all family members are welcome to become involved in camp life, whether as active members, serving the artillery piece, or as camp followers. We are always looking for new members as either gun crew (min age 16yrs) or standard bearers, musicians, medical and other non-combatants (min age 14yrs). How about a cook! The unit went to war with a French chef, his pet fox, and all the best silverware!

The campaign season is usually from Easter until September and consists of between six to ten weekends of 'battles' and 'living history' at various sites around England and Wales. Out of season we often meet together for membership meetings and social gatherings which helps to keep our unit bond strong.

Our aim is to maintain the traditions of this famous, elite unit, trying to achieve historical accuracy, enjoying ourselves whilst giving pleasure to the many spectators that visit us at events. So if you are looking for an unusual and exciting out of doors hobby, you could do no better than come along and join us!

As the old Washington Artillery motto says: TRY US!

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