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Virtual Strongoak

The Village of Strongoak is a sub-group of the Far Isles Medieval Society. If that means nothing to you, I suggest you visit their main page first, or this will be very confusing!

It is also, within that, a feudal subordinate of the Duchy of Camcairndryth.

Welcome to the new, rebuilt Virtual Strongoak! I'm afraid the Old Village has now been completely demolished, and before we'd really finished building the new one (still, the ISP left it in place for a good two years after I stopped paying for it, so we can't complain).
(Yes, that does sound a bit like Chadwell. But we didn't burn the old one down before moving!)

There will be a complete virtual village here "soon". Honest. But for now, just wander around the navigation at the top. We have some details on its local history, and that of one of our usual revel venues found lurking in the ashes, too.

Strongoak is ruled by Sian ferch Rhianneth, otherwise known as Jane Williams.
Visit Jane's home page to see what other things she gets up to.