Yaren Blackstaff

A merchant of Pavis and devotee of Issaries the Guide, Yaren’s renowned for daring explorations of the Wastes and the Rubble, and charting a new route to Kralorela. His shop stores many artifacts from his wide travels, and he often swaps legends at the Knowledge temple. His magnificent ironshod ebony staff always points the way, the leather coat gifted by Kost defends him from foes and the weather, and Ostan protects him. Handsome and witty, Yaren longs to marry, but Reana has so far refused him, despite all the poetry. Yaren dresses well, and loves to impress others.

Pavic Male 17

Pavis Customs +2
Know Pavic History +15
Spear and Shield Combat

Merchant 7W

Estimate Market Value
Carry Heavy Loads
Staff Combat
Know Customers
Load Pack Animal
Manage Logisitics
Tend Pack Animal

Devotee of Issaries the Guide 10W

Geography + 4 (Prax +7, Wastes +5, Pavis +6, Rubble +6, Kralorela +2)
Mythology of Issaries
Know Underworld
Identify Goods by Touch
Mythology of the Lightbringers
Speak Tradetalk
Organise Storehouse
Sense Ghost

Renowned 1W
Prepare for Long and Hazardous Journey 5W
Wilderness Survival 15W
Make Chart 19
Read Chart 1W
Been to Kralorela 13
Widely Traveled 5W
Swap 3W
Know Legends of Prax and the Wastes 6W
Know Trade Route 17 (Kralorela +10, Furthest +5, Boldhome +10, Oases +13, River of Cradles +15, Balazar -5)
Handsome 19
Compose Poetry 19


Brave 17
Canny 6W
Eloquent 10W
Honest 1W
Entrepreneurial 12W
Outgoing 8W
Profit motivated 3W
Shrewd 9W
Fear Dragons 5W
Hate Chaos 5W
Dislike Lunars 17
Daring 13
Witty 5W
Urbane 3W
Longs to Marry 6W
Refused by Reana 1W
Likes to Impress 19


Devotee of Issaries the Guide 10W
Love Family 17
Loyal to Customers 17
Member of the Free Trade Guild 1W
Ancestors 1W
Member of Pavis Issaries Temple 3W
Communal Member of Pavis Temple 17
Contact: Pavis Knowledge Temple 16
Contact: Kareth Sweetvoice 17
Patron: Kost the Tracker 13
Love Reana 8W (Initiate of Enferalda the Supporter 5W, Drive Yaren Nuts 5W, Organise Efficiently 6W, Encourage Others 7W)
Employer of Ulf the Shop Assistant 17, (Merchant 17)
Owner, Daisy 17, (Mule 17)
Employer of Dustan 17, (Backboy: Servant 17, Unflappable 17, Arrange Things to Go Smoothly 18, Know Surprising Facts 19)
Employer, Ostan 13, (Shield: Opili Warrior 17, Big Rubble Survivor 17, Axe Combat 18, Defend the People 19)
Employer, Sword & Spear 13 (Warrior 17, Hunter 17)
Rival, Estara the Tracker 17


Communication 6W (Convince Buyer, Convince Seller, Clear Voice Shout, Entertain With Voice, Talk with Hands, Speak to Ghost, Speak to Mind)
Secret Way rituals 9W (Find Hidden Way, Find path to Humakts Swordhall, Locate Lost Soul, Open Doorway to Havan Vor)
Merchant 8W (Assess Trade Opportunities, Bless Market, Evaluate Currency, Identify Thief, Lock Box, Recognise Magical Object)


Wealth 5W
Trade goods, small shop in pavis, strong box, camping equipment, Many Artifacts 13
Magnificent Ironshod Ebony Staff (Always Points the Way 17) +7
Leather Coat (Hide 13, Protect from Bad Weather 17) +4 Defence
Fine Clothes 13

Time Allocation

Devotee of Issaries the Guide: 60%
Includes trade, exploration, guiding, and funeral work
Family, friends and followers: 10%
Free Time: 30% (mostly spent busy with trade etc)

Contest Summaries

Combat: Staff Combat 7W + staff 7 + Ostan 2 + Sword & Spear (AP) = 16W, 60AP
Finding Way: Geography 14W (or more) + staff 2 + Secret Way Rituals 3 + Read Chart +2 = 1W2
Bargain: Bargain 7W + Estimate Market Value 3 + Canny 3 + Eloquent 3 + Entrepreneurial 3 +Profit motivated 2 + Shrewd 3 + Urbane 2 = 6W2

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