Designed as a replacement PC, then added as a follower of Dori's, now being used as a generic NPC

Keyword: Sage (specialist in statistics, multi-dimensional geometry, and mapping)
Pavis native, but spent time in Nochet (where she and Dori met)
She has family (mother and brothers) living in the Real City, quite near the temple they've dug up.
Intelligent 5W2
Arrogant 5W2

Grey Sage: at about 10W

We know she can read Old Pavic (no surprise) but not Darktongue (no surprise there either).

Original background, copied from Yahoo Files:

Vindana is a Sage: but she is also a Rubble brat, with the contacts and abilities that implies. She can switch from cultured scholar to vicious knife-fighter at the drop of a broken bottle. Her preferred fighting style is rapier and dagger, but she’s quite happy with just a dagger and a dark alley.

While still living in the Rubble, she started making money by gambling: on fights, races, whatever she could sucker people into.

She managed to map the Puzzle Canal (outer parts only), then study how it changed from year to year. At this point she was bought off by some unknown person who did not want it investigated further: the bribe was a place as an apprentice in the LM temple. She was expected to be duly humble and grateful for this opportunity. But humility was never one of her virtues

Once her gift for analysis of geometry and statistics became obvious, the Ingillis became her main patrons: analysis of river currents, trade routes, and profit margins was very useful to them.

However, she was soon (in her opinion) ready to present her thesis: and the more conventional sages were not ready to receive it. So, after a slight argument in which she suggested that they were afraid to admit that they were all too stupid to understand her work (true), she left for Nochet.

She has no political preferences herself, but her family are still in the Rubble and are anti-Lunar. She sends them money when she can, and is still “one of them”, if regarded as a bit odd. Vindana herself will happily accept research grants from anyone.

Maybe give her a Follower: a big brother who thinks she needs protecting. He's basically a thug.

Does she know Vern?

As a Sage, Vindana is a mathematician, with two speciality areas.

Swords. How geometry can be used to analyse sword-fighting: the length of the sword, the arc through which it can be wielded, the circles on which the opponents should stand. (Seen the new Zorro film?) And, the chances of one opponent beating another. This last brought her into contact in Nochet with a Humakti duellist who was making money by carefully studying the odds and then betting on duels: Dorinda. They got on quite well.

Describing a location through pure mathematical notation: a sort of 3D mapping, if you like. It’s very precise, but the result is rather hard to read. She came back to Pavis to try it out on the Rubble, was convinced to start with the New City, and never finished the model of that: she keeps refining her notation and re-starting. It’s called “VRML”: Vindana’s Real Mapping Language. To give some idea of its readability, here’s a fragment of the code to describe a house:
Shape { geometry IndexedFaceSet
{coord DEF H19Points Coordinate { point
[ 0 0 0, 20 0 0, 20 0 -18, 0 0 –18, 0 5 0, 20 5 0, 20 5 -18, 0 5 -18, 0 10 -9, 20 10 -9
] }
coordIndex [ 0,1,5,4,-1, 1,2,6,9,5,-1, 2,3,7,6,-1, 3,0,4,8,7,-1]}}

In fact it’s a perfectly good language, but it’ll be a lot more use when someone invents a web browser and a VRML plugin, both of which are lacking in Glorantha at present. To see what her model of the New City is like with these things, go to
No, this has no in-game use or relevance. It's just for fun.
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