Vesekor Eagle-Son

Rinliddi 17
Bird Lore
Javelin Combat
Geography of Rinliddi
Ganbarri politics
Know Rinliddi Area
Rinliddi Customs
Spear Combat
Fear Horse Nomads

Lunar 13
Member of Ganbarri Dragoons temple
Sedenyic Philosophy
Know Lunar myths
Worship Sedenya
Speak New Pelorian

Mounted Light Infantry Soldier 12w
Army Regulations
Identify Foe
Make Camp
Scan for Danger
Swear like a Soldier
Light infantry Mass combat
Short Sword
Unit Traditions
Hard Drinking
Sneak out after Lights Out
Relationship with other Regiment members (Starts good, turns bad when he leaves the regiment)
Undeserved reputation as Cowards

Small unit tactics (Rinliddi Skirmishing) 15w
Inspire troops 14w
Read New Pelorian
Write new Pelorian
See opportunity in battle
Know when to run
Respected by members of his unit 17w
Know ins and outs of Lunar Provincial Army Bureaucracy

Lunar Prax Occupation Army 17
POA Routines
Pavis Area Knowledge
Prax Area Knowledge 15
Strained relationship with Silver Shields (Not bad once you get to know them)
Contemptuous relationship with Marble Phalanx (obnoxious uptight Dara Happans)
Cordial Relationship with Antelope Lancers (old rivalry)
Who's Who in the POA
Who's Who in Pavis 15
Who's Who in Prax 13


Initiate of Oreortyx the Mountain Quail 5w
Quail Movement Affinity
Limited flight
Flock together
Confusing Scatter
Camouflage Affinity
Blend into Background
Stay Silent
Stay Still
Hide in any available cover
Forage Affinity
Eat Insects without Gagging
Digest Vegetable Matter
Harden teeth (to crack seeds or nuts without breaking our teeth)
Spot Food
Worship Oreortyx
Mythology of Oreortyx
Member of Ganbarri Fragoons Regimental Oreortyx Temple
Hide in Cover
Soul Vision

Common Magic: 17
Stop Bleeding
Sharp Eyes
Run Even Faster
Someone's Watching Me
Hill running


Hard-Bitten 20
Bitter 4w
Seen it all 19
Fight Dirty 15w
Cynical 3w
Pragmatic 15w
Disciplined only when really necessary 9w
Make it sound plausible 10W (not the same as lying, but very close)

Rough-hewn and craggy 16
Various minor scars 16
Deeply tanned by Praxian Sun 16
Slightly slovenly 16

Devikor, Unit Chaplain (Sidekick) 12w: - Oreortyx Devotee, Godspeaker, MLI Soldier
Ravarina, Unit Healer 5w - Devotee, Azura the Gentle Mother (ILH 23), Healer, Love Jethalen
Signifer Jethalen, Unit Signifer 5w - MLI Soldier, Lares of the 4th Wing, Love Ravarina
3 Soldiers 10w:
Haratli (twin)- Oreortyx Initiate, MLI Soldier, Observant
Herethu (twin) - Oreortyx Initiate, MLI Soldier, Cool under Stress
Edasul - Oreortyx Initiate, MLI Soldier, Tracker

Leather cuirass & metal helm (+2)
Light shield (+1)
Javelins (+3)
Falcata ( (+2)
Heavy Crossbow (Stolen? From dwarves of Pavis) (+5)
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