Vastyr Scarface

Story coming up soonish...


Close Combat

Heortling 17 SM HL AP
Mercenary 5W Main Skill 10W 5W 30/25
Devotee of Hu the Sword 5W Geasa & Gift +5 +5
Swordmaster 10W Chain Mail +3 +3
Legionary of Hereward 15 Shield +1 +1
Initiate of Hereward 13 Bane +10 +10
Strength +2 +2

Special Abilities:

Hu the Sword +3 +3
Commanding Voice 17 Retainers +34
Strength 17 Totals 14W2 9W2 64/59
Well-travelled 1W
Ugly 1W (scarred face)
Ignore Pain 17
Reputation: Executioner 13


Leader of Retainers 14 Morg Bisonfist (Praxian Humakti 17)
Joran Doubled (Heortlander Humakti 17)
Cradleriders 17 (Garrath +2)
Sidekick: Runs-With-Humakti 5W Divine Companion?
Elmef Saif (Water Sword) 13
Healers of Horn Gate 13
Personality: (in the keywords, but here to remind me)
Grim Mercenary
Determined Mercenary
Brave Hu the Sword
Honourable Hu the Sword
Skeptical Hereward

Important Possessions:

Bane: 4W enchanted Iron bastard sword (very effective against magic)
Fine chain mail:
Iron ring from Garrath

Special Magic Abilities:

Leaping Shield -feat 13
Never Go Thirsty 15
Illumination 3
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