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(Thunder Rebels, Storm Tribe etc)
These are from the Orlanthi viewpoint, and biased as such.
They're also copyright, so protected so that only registered Wiki users (players and GM) can see them.
Valind writeup (Storm Tribe pp 234-235)
The Vingotling Age (Thunder Rebels p 146)
How to Solve Kinstrife (Storm Tribe pp 205-207) - same myth as the above, Barntar viewpoint
Valind fights Vinga (Storm Tribe pp 167-168)

Sources on the net
Glorantha Prosopaedia
Glorantha Wiki

Our additions

Ideas so far:
We want to link Valind to Humakt as an ally, and to Hereward as extremely similar, if not quite the same entity.

Valind is the one of Vadrus' sons who uses brains rather than brawn, and has some concept of formal honour. These are not virtues prized among the Vadrudi or Orlanthi, which is why they see him as a coward.

Valind's weapons when he's leader of the Vadrudi are the standard ones, but before that, he had problems being allowed a weapon light enough for him (also, there's a shortage of wood in the Ice). He made himself a dart/javelin out of mistletoe (white berries), and this is what killed Barntar. Barntar's death was the first time Death had been used - how did the Vadrudi get it? I'd like to use this as a link to Humakt, somehow. Put in the link from Valind to Loki=Trickster, and we're on the way there - maybe it was Trickster (in the form of an animal with the wrong coloured eyes) who pointed out the mistletoe?

Valind is against kin-slaying and kin-strife. That's why he wouldn't fight against Orlanth, he's not a coward at all.

Valind is trying to protect the lands of the Storm Tribe - yes, all of them. Trouble is, he's trying to protect them against the Sun, even after Yelm's dead, and thinks the best way to protect anything is to bury it under ice and snow. He may well be right, but the potential protectees don't see it that way.

Valind v. Vinga - what evidence do we have that when he approached the stead, he was trying to attack it? None. He made no hostile acts, not because he was a coward, but because he wasn't there to fight!

Khan's background

1620 Storm Season
Reaches the shrine of Hrujjar in the mountains North-East of Dakori Inkarth
1620 Clayday/Death Week/Storm Season
Passes the challenge of Hrujjar Lichfoe
Initiated into Hrujjar’s cult (Humakt/Valind herocult).

We don't know how this cult links to anything else yet.
It's given him innate abilities to resist heat and cold.
Could do with more details on that challenge.

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