Secret bits

Trickster 20
Death Affinity 15 Strike, Shatter
Illusion Affinity 20 Hallucinate, Weapon to Snake, Become Tree, Charisma
Disorder Affinity 20 Lie, Clever Tongue, Group Laughter

Sorceror's Apprentice 17
Master's Spells Enhance Dexterity 15, Resist Spells 5W, Reflect Spells 15, Skin of Life 5W
Spells: Fly 10W, Enchant Arrow 5W, Exhaustion 5W, Venom 20, Boost Constitution 20, Stupefy 15

Zola Fel River Voice 14 River Eyes, Breathe Water

Numbers here look OK to me, but I don't like the "Fly" one. That puts him ahead of the Orlanthi, and they're the specialists. Has it been used historically?
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