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Homeland: Ballid Forest - Bloodfang Wolfrider Clan 20
Ride Wolf, Bloodfang Customs, Forestry (+5), Know Aldryami Tactics, Know Tusker Tactics, Care of Animals, Intimidate, Consume Alcohol (+5), Bloodcurdling Yell

Hunter 5W Track, Set Traps, Archery (+10), Butcher Animal, Skin Animal, Stalk Prey, Listen, Spot, Scent, Wilderness Survival

Sneaky 5W Hide, Sneak, Conceal, Fight Dirty, Appear Harmless, Save Own Skin, Steal, Sleight of Hand,

Murderous 20 Poisoning, Garrotting, Hidden Weaponry, Cold Blooded Killer, Fight Savagely When Cornered, Ambushing, Kill Quietly, Nurse Grudge

Cunning 5W Lie Outrageously, Gambling, Deceive Without Lying, Barter, Seduce, Beg For One's Life, Wait For The Right Moment, Tell Filthy Jokes, Comfort In Adversity, Persuade, Distract, Sense Danger, Search, Loot and Pillage

Tomb Robber 17 Disarm Traps, Avoid Physical Harm, Find Hidden Things, Evaluate Loot, Climb (+7), Tinker With Machinery, Feats of Agility (+8), Fight Undead, Ward Curses

Heroic Humakt Affinity 15

Misc Abilities Inhumanly Strong 10W, Small Sized 15, Keen Senses 5W, Fast and Agile 10W, Speak Darktongue 20, Lucky 5W, Kralorellan Centipede Style Martial Arts 15, Swear 10W, Blaspheme 10W,

Personality Lecherous 5W, Drunkard 20, Gluttonous 20, Idle 15, Cowardly 5W, Fear Chaos 18, Fear Zorak Zorani 2W, Fear Humakti 5W, Fear Undead 2W, Fear Anything That Appears Dangerous 5W, Hate Tusk Riders 5W, Hate Anyone Who Has Stolen From You 2W, Hate Anything Frightening 20, Loyal In Adversity 20,

Loyal to Khan 20, Fear Khan 10W

Death Affinity 15: Bless Corpse (+10), Turn Undead (+10)
Darkness Affinity 20: Darkvision (+5)

Notable Items:
The Tankard of Brews
Iron Staff - Boost Damage 5W, Stabilise Weapon 5W
Aldryami Copper Armour - Light Weight 17, Aldryami Manufacture 1W, Silenced 1W
Beetle Mandible Bow - Massive Draw 10W, Beautifully Made 15

Humakt Gifts:
+5 Bow Attack

Secrets (for now)
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