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Phase of Moon => Crescent Go Moon Dying Moon Black Moon Crescent Come Moon Empty Half Full Moon Full Half
Day=> Freeze Day Water Day Clay Day Winds Day Fire Day Wild Day Gods Day
Season Week
Sea Disorder Birth Day - Kero Fin. Spring Morn - Odayla. Spring Equinox. Ram Day - Heler. Earthmaker Day - Maran Gor. Gorangi Vak, the Bulltamer.
Harmony Flower Day - Voria. Plow Blessing Day - Barntar. Vogarth the Strong Man.
Death Wavekiller Day - Humakt.
Legion in Swenstown
Fertility Fish Festival - Odayla. Honoring Day - Ernalda Allmother, Redalda. Legion arrives at Tourney Altar. Duel with Anthippus Mind Healing Day - Chalana Arroy. Vern met.
Stasis Legion leaves Tourney Altar. No Wound Day - Urox. Battle With Broo, Vampire spotted in camp (night). Elmeh Saif Freed Vampire repelled(night). Kara Reaches Caravan Initiation Day - Harmast Barefoot. Catnip Day - Yinkin.
Movement Engizi the Skyriver Titan. Legion boards Cradle. Dwarves attack (night). Herric dies, Uz spotted.Sword Day - Orlanth Adventurous, Vinga, Renvald Meldekbane. Fyrd Musters. Aldryami sighted Garrath Boards the Cradle. The Lunars Attack Tribal Market Day - Issaries. The Hell Hag Quest
Illusion Cradle Retaken at Corflu, Herewardi Disembark
Truth Arrival at Horn Gate Enter Bad King Hasalar's Palace Elmeh Saif Freed Ba Hariya Freed Thought Day - Lhankor Mhy.
Leave Horn Gate
Fire Disorder Blasted Earth Day - Maran Gor.
Arrive at Yellow Sky
Shattered Mirror Leave Yellow Sky
Harmony Arrive at Pavis Forge Day - Gustbran Bonesmith. Berry Festival - Odayla. Catnap Day - Yinkin. Summer Solstice.
Death Smithing Day - Humakt.
Graylor initiates, rededicate temple
Fertility Shining Clouds Day - Heler. Hearth Day - Mahome, Vinga. Victorious Sun Day - Elmal.
Oilamley/Vampire ceremony
Soul Healing Day - Chalanna Arroy.
Dori reconciled with her father
Egil's sword stolen at midnight
Pursuing the thief: two meetings at Gimpy's: Egil's devotion quest ends this evening.
Stasis Severing Santhis (afternoon) Horn Day - Urox. King Day - Kero Fin. Founder's Day - Sartar the Founder. Killing Oilamley, Abul initiation
Movement Meeting Khan.
Troll attack on Yelorna temple that night shows Kallyr is there
Khan v Seledd at dawn
Egil learns Silence
Lawstaff Day - Orlanth Allfather.
Yenda and Santhis initiation
Return of a messenger Tribal Market Day - Issaries. Khan's initiation to Hereward Presentation Day - Orlanth Rex.
Proposed meeting with Kallyr
Illusion Fox Rite - Odayla.
Truth Knowledge Day - Lhankor Mhy.
Earth Disorder Still Day - Brastalos. Death Mace Day - Maran Gor. Stag Day - Odayla.
Harmony Bonfire Day - Gustbran Bonesmith. Wooing Day - Yinkin. Annual Great Market - Issaries.
Death Babeester Day - Babeester Gor. Day of Standards - Humakt.
Fertility Treasure Day - Asrelia. Tool Day - Ernalda The Great Goddess. Autumnal Equinox. Shutting the Door Day - Maran Gor. Body Healing Day - Chalana Arroy.
Stasis Yuhurol's Feast - Heler. Earth (Rutting) Day - Urox.
Movement Harvest Day, Goose Day - Esrola. Horse Day - Redalda. Reaping Day - Durev. Husband Day - Elmal. Tribal Market Day - Issaries. Wild's Feast - Odayla.
Truth Sage Day - Lhankor Mhy.
Darkness Disorder Wolf Hunt - Odayla. Litter Day - Yinkin. Bloody Axe Day - Erantha Gor Great Snow Day - Valind Axe Day - Babeester Gor
Harmony Slaughter Day Sacrifice Day - Voriof, Heler.
Death Dark Death Day - Humakt. Engizi the Sky River Titan Gor Day - Maran Gor. Furring Day - Odayla. Whitewall Falls Ancestor Day.
Fertility Loom Blessing Day - Ernalda the Healer. Fertility Healing Day - Chalana Arroy.
Stasis Extinguish Day - Urox.
Movement Protection Day - Orlanth Thunderous. Tribal Market Day - Issaries.
Illusion Shroud Day - Ty Kora Tek. Longest Watch - Rigsdal. Winter Solstice.
Truth Truth Day - Elmal. Law Day - Orlanthanandrin Law Maker, Lhankor Mhy.
Storm Disorder Earthshakers' Day - Maran Gor Weapontake Day. Clan Moot, Chieftan's Shoot. Good Winds Day - Kolat
Harmony Thane Day - Elmal. Lovers' Day - Yinkin Flint Blessing Day - Odayla Gifting Day - Velhara. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin.
Death The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. Death Day - Humakt. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin. The Great Hunt - Odayla, Yinkin.
Fertility Hook and Line Day - Pelaskos Queen Day - Ernalda Poison Healing Day - Chalana Arroy
Stasis Wild Wind Day - Urox Beat Devil Day - Urox. Yinkin
Movement Black Rain Day - Heler Mead Day - Minlister One Day - Orlanth. Wife Day - Ernalda Tribal Market Day - Issaries.
Truth Night of Lost Souls - Ty Kora Tek Wisdom Day - Lhankor Mhy
Sacred Time Luck Together Day - Storm Pantheon. The Long Night - Elmal. True Honor Day - Humakt Lightbringer Day - Lightbringers. The Long Night - Elmal. Survival Day - Elmal. Secret Way Day - Issaries. I Fought We Won - Heort the Founder.
Fate Secret Healing Day - Chalana Arroy. Catfight Day - Yinkin. Return Day - Storm Pantheon. The Long Night - Elmal. Return Day - Yinkin. Prophecy Day - Lhankor Mhy. The Long Night - Elmal.
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