Jalmari Three Banded Glove

This glove is fashioned for the Unbreakable Sword Quest.

This sparked an idea in Jalmar’s head. If the essence of a flame can be bound into a golden ring, could the other powers be also bound if a suitable material was found to contain them? Aluminium was the metal most used by water creatures and iron was the preferred material for the dealers in death. Jalmar settled on fashioning a pair of gloves with thin strips of the metals running down the fingers: Gold for the index finger, iron for the middle finger and aluminium for the ring finger.

The gloves can be of any material but have to have the three metal strips fashioned into the three central fingers. This can be done in many ways and often really reflects the personality of the Knight. Obvious ways to do this include simple plates attached to the gloves, usually a bit too blatant for the secretive Jalmari. More often the metal is incorporated as part of a pattern designed into the glove. Metal gauntlets allow the metal strips to be inlayed or fastened on as decoration.

Once created these gloves act as the main talisman for the Jalmari Knight and all his other sorcerous spells will be fashioned into the glove. The visual effects of the Knights spells and feats will often be manifest through the gloves and via the elements of fire / water from the fire and water bound into the gloves at their making.
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