Humakti temples in Pavis

Humakt temple, Temple Hill

Map of the area "Shadows of Pavis" p23.

Under troll control.
About all we know about this is that Seledd investigated, and escaped - just.

Extracts from chron:

Are you familiar with the Temple Hill area at all?"

"Why, yes." He blinks in surprise. "A little, that is - access is of course extremely dangerous, and accurate maps hard to come by. A chalk sketch first, then..."

He pulls a few chalks from a pouch, and utilises the nearest bit of wall for the purpose. "The old wall here.... Main path round there... The old Humakt temple - I'm told it's in the shape of a Death rune? And the Kygor Litor temple, of course, that's better known..."

He continues to sketch, with increasing contributions from Seledd and her men as the details fill in. "Guard-post there." "And another there - slingers watch the path from above."

A second map fills in the interior layout of the temple, and rapidly degenerates into a discussion of the construction methods of the walls. The roof angle, sadly, cannot be determined, due to being missing for the last few centuries.

Landros stands back, studies the overall map. That can't be right, surely? With all watchposts and guards marked in, that made... about forty trolls to get past? In both directions? But she only had five men with her!

Or to put it another way:
"See, Seledd was looking for a place to stay with her troops, so Gutter told her about the old Humakti temple in the Rubble and set her up with some guides. There's a group here from the Pavis Humakti who are mercenaries – Hengist's men mostly. Well, they didn't like old Goldilocks getting high and mighty on them so they sort of forgot to tell her just how many trolls are usually in the area."

"'S a major base," Blackbeak's companion snickers through his cigar.

"So they get good and deep into the Rubble – right up next to the temple – when the lead begins to fly and Seledd starts to yell out orders about formations and such. Only Hengist and his boys see, they're mercenaries, and Seledd hadn't paid them." Blackbeak pauses for drama, slitting his eyes and hunching his little shoulders in anticipation. "So … they … didn't … have to … fight! They only agreed to work as guides! They just ran right back to the temple! Fhwah fwah fwah fwah fwah!"

Aurel says:
"Young Seledd seems to believe that finding a different roof would be a solution. Well, the temple in the Old City lacks a roof, but the walls there still stand. There are the trolls, of course, but I told the lads to give her directions and a guide, and I'm sure they will have made her aware of the dangers."
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