Ten Thane Siggyr One-Eye, Standard Bearer of the VII Cohort

A petty noble of Lunar Tarsh who deserted his homeland to fight for the Temple during the Righteous Wind Rebellion.

A young man of medium build, dressed in the simple style of a legionnaire. Upon his armour are the insignia of a senior tenthane, and in his left hand he carries the standard of the VII Cohort. He keeps his black beard carefully trimmed and general appearance spotless, and his one good eye gleams with energy. A patch usually covers the left side of his face, but he has a collection of false eyes for special occaisions.

Hero Points


Tarshite 17

Axe and Shield Fighting, Know Tarshite Myths, Speak Tarshite, Tarshite Customs, Tarshite Geography, Urban Survival

Petty Noble 15

Courtly Dances, Dueling, Exert Authority +10, Grooming, Identify Social Status, Politics, Protocol, Ride

Experienced Ten Thane 15W

Anticipate Orders, Bark Orders, Brawl, Identify Foe, Intimidate Civilian, Know Lunar Tactics +3, Legion Tactics +10, Legion Traditions, Look After the Troops, Make Camp, March, Scan for Danger, Scouting (-3), Stand Guard, Swear like a Soldier, Shieldwall Fighting, Sword and Shield Fighting (+5), Temple Regulations, Tolerate Insubordination

Devotee of Hereward Truewind 10W

Sword Fighting, Craft Weapon, Mythology of Humakt, Recognise Lie, Initiate to Humakt, Perform Sacrifice, Pray to Humakt, Resist Cold, Perceive Truth +5

Initiate of Efrodar Blackhands 17

Survive Battle +5

Misc Abilities

Mask Emotion 2W, Fight Despite Injury 1W, Fine Education 15, Gamble at Dice 17, Know Lunar History 15, Know Tarshite History 17, Numerate 15, Orate 5W, Read and Write Tarshite 13, Read and Write New Pelorian 13, Speak Slowly and Loudly to Foreigners 17, Take Pain 7W, Deep Gruff & Manly Voice 17, Hate Anthippus 5W2

Personality 17

Ambitious +10, Aristocratic, Brave +5, Callous +5, Disciplined +10, Fear Dragons 5W, Honourable, Iconoclastic, Must Prove Myself 5W, Provincial Loathing of High Falutin’ Imperials +8, Snobbish, Suspicious of Non-Herewardi, Sophisticated Superiority to Foreigners and Bumpkins +5


Lost Left Eye 1W, Lusts for Power 1W, Quick to Anger 1W, Sneaking Suspicion Others Are Laughing At Me 5W


Member of Legion 10W
Loyal to Master of the Temple 10W
Loyal to Yodi Legbreaker 17
Estranged from Family 17
Old Comrades 1W
Command Followers 10W
*(4 Humakti Warriors* 17) *(Shrev, Fasten-Spear and Hrodar (Tristram, deceased)
*Sidekick: Wyredd (Tarshite Valet 17; Have Cunning Plan 17, Placate Siggyr 18, Spritely Despite Being Ancient 19)
*Sidekick: Yaren


Affinity: Death 5W (Bless Corpse, Death Song Beserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Terrify Opponent, Visage of Fear)
Affinity: Honour 5W (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward)
Affinity: Truewind 10W (Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual)
Affinity: Battle Command 10W (Feats improvised at -5) (Orderly Retreat, Rally Warriors, Stand Fast, Unbreakable Formation, Voice of Command)
Legion Blessings: 18W (Recognise Preparation For Attack, Illuminate Darkness, Unbreakable Weapon)
Cohort Blessing 6W (Face Horror)
Stand Alone Feats: Inspire Loyalty 17, Sword Help 17


Wealth 15
Standard of the VII Cohort 6W
Fine Sword +4, Axe +3, Excellent Chainmail +5 & Shield +1
Phalangee’s Military Codex 5W
+1 item of exotic loot
Personal Effects

Gifts & Geases

Initiation to Hereward: Hereward’s Gift (Perceive Truth +5), Never lie
Devotion to Hereward: ?
Initiaton to Efrodar: Efrodar’s Gift (+5 to Survive Battle), Never leave battle whilst it is being fought

Combat Summary:

Single Combat: Sword & Shield Fighting 20W, +2 (Sword Help) +4 (Fine Sword) + 6 (Excellent Chainmail & Shield) = 12W2
Formal Duel: Sword Fighting 10W, +2 (Duellling) +2 (Sword Help) +4 (Fine Sword) + 5 (Excellent Chainmail) = 3W2
Mass Combat: Legion Tactics 5W2 + 3 (Exert Authority) +4 (Shieldwall Fighting) +3 (Command Followers) +3 (Battle Command Affinity) +3 (Phalangee's Military Codex) +3 Cohort Battle Standard = 3W3 + followers

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