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What Everyone Knows About Siggyr
He joined the Temple's Third Cohort during the Righteous Wind Rebellion of 1611 at the age of 17. As a Lunar Tarshite, and an obnoxious nobby one at that, he was forced to undergo some of the most severe initiation rites in memory, but passed honourably.
Made Ten Thane in 1613
Devoted to Hereward in 1614
Lost an eye during counter-raid into Sartar in 1616
Promoted to Warleader's Guard in 1617
Made Cohort Standard Bearer at Whitewall, transferred to Seventh Cohort
Initiated to Efrodar in 1619 at Whitewall
It's now 1621, and he's 27.
Would be an obvious choice for Hundred Thane, if only there was a free cohort
Doesn’t like to talk about his past, and apparently doesn’t have any friends outside of the Temple

Not known to everyone / to be determined in play

Born into a Lunar Tarshite family from the Petty Nobility, something went very wrong for Siggyr aged 16 that led to his exile. Most likely killed an important Imperial citizen in a duel over Siggyr’s sister’s honour, or something. It perhaps doesn’t matter anymore – Siggyr’s youthful male provincial testosterone-driven chip on the shoulder has become a more general loathing of the Lunars, and a desire to become the most powerful warlord ever, and stomp all over everyone with a deficit of the proper respect. Siggyr is one big inferiority complex, and probably had a terrifying father. He knows he is the most deserving candidate the Legion has for Hundred Thane, not just because the majority of them are pig-ignorant bumpkins who don’t have a clear picture of the world outside the Temple and their birth-clan, but because Siggyr has put in the mule-work and shown he knows his onions in his eight years as a Ten Thane. Not sure whether he hates Seledd for further diminishing his chances at being a Hundred Thane and the blow to legion honour, or if he respects her choice as being tactically correct, or both.

Every Dog Has Its Day - Sartar, 1613
A Pact of Honour - Sartar, 1614
An I For an Eye - Sartar, 1616
A Promotion, of Sorts - Whitewall, 1619

Sigyyr hates Anthippus because Anthippus, a Heartland Noble, was considered a better match for Ursula, Siggyr's beloved cousin, than Siggyr was. Ursula & Anthippus were married against her will, he treated her badly, and Siggyr tried to effect a rescue, but was humiliatingly beaten off by Anthippus - and members of his own clan. At 16 years old (1610) he was perhaps not thinking clearly, so hearing that Anthippus is off with his regiment to support Ironfist in the Aldachuri revolt he steals a horse and gives chase with the avowed intention of killing his rival. He ends up joining the Legion, 'cos he figures it will provide him with backup, and severs from his family. He never gets to face Anthippus on the battlefield, and has spent much of the last 10 years feeling a frustrated idiot.

The whole path of his life has been dictated by the consequences of his hatred for this man... so I wonder what will happen next..

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