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Smoothed Weapon Bonuses

+0   Fist  StoneClothes +0
+1DaggerHatchet Club  DartLeatherKite+1
+2Short Javelin (melee)Light MaceSelf Bow, SlingLightAxeCuirbolliWall+2
+3Broad, LongBattle1 HandedHeavy MaceCompositeHeavyJavelinScale +3
+4BastardGreat2 Handed, HeavyQuarterstaffLongbow  Chain +4
+5GreatPoleLanceMaul Arbalest Plate +5

Iron Bonuses

Iron doubles the bonus of an object so an iron dagger has a +2 bonus. Elves and Trolls are especially vulnerable to iron and so against these creatures only the bonus is trebled i.e. an iron dagger is +3 vs Elves & Trolls.

Iron armour it acts as a magical dampener. To represent this add the full (doubled) bonus to any resistance of any spell cast at the wearer. Additionally any spells cast by the wearer are penalised by the same amount. This effect can be removed with the Enchant Iron feat. Note that both effects are removed.

Fur huge amounts of detail on the sbject, see this 3700+ word article
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