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Initial comments on Relationships

I'm not sure if we've taken as much notice of this as I'd hoped. LOyalty to and reputation with Legion are in, for most of us, the rest isn't.

> Being humakti, the heroes
> have severed the relationships that bind them to their birth
> communities, and would never face a conflict of loyalty
> between the legion and any other community they might form
> relationships with. So there goes a major source of conflict
> in the game.

I'd agree that the game is all about relationships. But I think that once we've removed the limit of only spending a few HP on new relationships, and only having them at 13, things will improve.

At present, we are playing relationships, we just don't have them on our character sheets. The current scenario is really about Dori's
relationship with her elder brother, for instance. It's being influenced at present by various people's relationships with the healers - we're
trying to protect them.

There are relationships between the PCs. Some have known each other longer than others, and it shows. What's up between Vastyr and Jamal? Then there's the followers - Dori's relationship with Brenna, and with Kristen, Jamal with Abul.

We all to a lesser or greater extent have loyalty to the Legion. And it varies, quite a lot, even if it does say 17 on every sheet.

How about conflicting loyalties within the Legion? We're loyal to our 100-thane, but dislike Seledd - why, and what effect will that have?

Take a look at some backstories. Relationships falling out of every sentence!

But, because we had limited HP to spend and rules that say new abilities start at 13, this isn't showing up. Yet.

Conflict of loyalty? If Jamal had to choose between the Legion and Abul, would it be easy? Aelf did choose between the Legion and his former clan, and it wasn't easy. Ask Dori to abandon Brenna for her duty to the Legion, and she'd have problems.

Looking at the PCs, I think we've got a complex relationship map already. It just isn't on the character sheets.

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