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//(and later)//
I would NOT try this with a group I didn't know.
Mind you, having said I trust you all not to power-game - if you //want// to power-game, why not? It occured to me last night that if I'm allowing people to add in previously unmentioned relationships and back-story, I might say "OK, who knows anyone at Whitewall?" and someone might say "yes, King Broyan's my younger brother". And instead of thinking "aaargh, stop them!", I started dreaming plot around it....

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//This is what I said, but we seem to have dropped most of it now, as people seem to prefer the original rules. They actually ask for extended contests!//
Now, on to contests. And again, I'm going to come over all radical. I want story, not numbers. To start with, I'd suggest that each "scene" (a short thing, usually) is specifically intended to give ONE character the limelight, and others are supporting. We decide by consensus whose turn it is. (I'm doing this in a RQ game I play in, and it works.)
Where possible, there is no rolled contest at all! We look at the situation, role-play our reactions, and then decide what would be the best story. Plausibility is of course required. If we all agree that this hero winning, in a certain way, would make sense and make good story, that's what happens. The numbers on the character sheet are a guide to what's plausible, no more. If you want to direct the story, don't roll dice to be allowed to do it - just do it.
If we have no fixed ideas, or want inspiration, then sure, we go back to rolling. Or if someone just prefers to roll that time, then we do so.
But if we can look at the numbers, and see one side is better than the other, then fine, big numbers win, let's get on with describing how, and how we feel about it.
Since the objective is to make good story, not to add up big numbers, we no longer spend time augment-hunting. Yes, we say what abilities we're augmenting our friends with, but we're choosing them for dramatic effect. So you don't list ten near-identical skills, simply because that would be boring!

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