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Augmenting each other

When a PC is augmenting someone.

1) Work out what the lead skill is, and what other abilities you're using to auto-augment it. (Why not?)

2) Either
a give me some narrative to cover it (and I may add modifiers if it's good)
b you're too short of time to write, we do a rolled augment, the dice tell me how well you used that ability.
Unless you tell me what size rolled augment you're going for, I assume that you're trying to get whatever would have been the automatic augment for that ability level.
ability augment resistance
5 +1 5
15 +2 10
5W +3 15
15W +4 20
5W2 +5 5W
15W2 +6 10W

Then we take the standard results from p80, but instead of the "complete, major or minor" all giving the attempted bonus, a
major gives 1 higher, and a complete gives double what you were after
Same in the other direction, of course, complete defeat gives double the auto-augment as a minus. Nasty.

complete victory double augment
major victory augment plus one
minor victory augment
marginal victory half augment
tie no effect

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