Hmm? me?

Born 1961, Los Angeles, California. Lived there until i was 10 or so, and then the family moved up to the Yosemite (California) area, to a place so remote our physical address is in one town, mail is in a second, and phone comes from a third. 15 miles from any o fthe threee towns, down 4-5 miles of dirt road (yes, we still have them in California). We didn't have a phone until about 20 years ago, or outside power until about 15 years ago.

Went to Fresno State University for my first two years of college (Civil Engineering major to start, but after bombing out of Calcualu with a "C" grade, decided it wasn't for me). Then off to UC Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!) to finish out a Medieval Studies degree. Floated through the library system for a while, then worked for Intel (the chip manufacturer) in Santa Clara, Ca. doing "other duties as required" (The only part of my job Description that actually pertained to what I *did*). Programming, Hardware support, Databases, unhappiness, quit. Moved back up to the family ranch to take care of my 80+ y.o. mother (Father died back in '96 or '97).

In al that, I also found time to workj the renaissance faire (the original one), and join a 16th-century Highland re-enacting group, of which I am the last chief (the group no longer meets as a group, though we do occasionally get together). That led to an interest in archaic weapons, and that to various martial arts.

I discovered Glorantha through a friend that was a playtester for RQ. Met Steve Perrin and Greg at Dundracon 2, now am a coporate member of DDC, maintaining the websiite and doing publications. I've done some little writing for Glorantha. I've also written for Ars Magica, Werewolf, and Pendragon, was the Line editor of Pendragon under Green Knight for a year an a half (the year and a half that we actually produced products), and have edited and laid out books for various companies.

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