Power levels

A collection of the various benchmarks. Please indicate source, and whether these are "final numbers" including augments, or base ability such as one might write on a character sheet.

FWIW, I'm making these assumptions:

Major NPCs as written in OiD are base abilities. But ignore their "after augments are in" numbers, they're HW not HQ, and just plain wrong.

Sample levels such as "best in tribe", "Clan champion" etc. are with standard augments ("strong" is in, magic is in, "Loves family" is out) but not equipment. I'd guess that about 1/5 of the supplied number is actually from augments - so a 10W end result is really 4W with +6 from augments.


Glorantha's ultimate ability is "Quit messing with me 10w15"
Source: RR, HeroQuest-RPG list, 13/3/05
Type: presumably "final number"

HQ resistances

Heortling weaponthane: 17 to 18W
Heortling clan champion: 10W to 10W2
Famous hero: 10W3+
Magical, Heortling god-talker: 10W to 10W3

If we take my guesstimate of 1/5 of those being due to augments, here's the base abilities:
Heortling weaponthane: 13 to 10W
Heortling clan champion: 4W to 1W2
Famous hero: 16W2+
Magical, Heortling god-talker: 4W to 16W2

BA "best in tribe"

"Best in tribe" is about 10W3 with all augments in: 16W2 or so without going by same guesstimate.

Guy's scale:

M = professional level (17-1W)
G = equal to clan trader (5W – 10W?)
VG = famous for it (11W – 10W2?)

Humakti requirements:

Ten Thanes should know Warband Tactics and have Close Combat 5W.
The Hundred Thane must be a devotee of Humakt, preferably of Hereward's cult, and have spent 2 years as a Ten Thane. Close Combat 10W2 and Warband Tactics 10W is expected.
The Warleader should have Relationship to Legion and Warband Tactics each at 10W2.
The Piper is part of the Warleader's bodyguard, and relays commands to the Hundred Thanes during battle. He must have Play Pipes at 10W.
Each Cohort usually has an Armorer (Craft Weapon 10W) and assistants, and a Healer trained by the Arroin subcult of Chalana Arroy (First Aid 5W)

and following on from that,

Legion requirements:

Master of the Temple: Relationship to Legion and Warband Tactics each at 10W2
Hundred Thane: Served as Ten Thane for 2 battles. Close Combat 10W2, Warband Tactics 10W
Captain of Auxila: Appointed by Warleader. Must be Ten Thane.
Standard Bearer: Appointed by Warleader. Devotee of Hereward. Relationship to Legion 1W2
Piper: Play Pipes: 10W
Warleader's Bodyguard: Devotee of warcult, Close Combat 1W2
Legion Champion: selected from ranks and Ten Thanes. No requirements, but would be above Close Combat 1W3, I'd guess
Cohort Standard Bearer: appointed by Cohort Hundred Thane
Ten Thane: know Warband Tactics, Close Combat 5W.
Healer: First Aid 5W
Armourer: Craft Weapon 10W
Assistant Armourer: Craft Weapon 1W
Legionary: Initiate of Hereward, Close Combat 17
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