Politics - who's the next Governor?

In this version of Gloranthan history, the Cradle went unusually badly for the Lunars (something to do with the PCs), and Sor-Eel was summoned back to Glamour to explain himself almost immediately afterwards.

So, who will be the next Governor?

Possible candidates:

Duke Raus of Rone

A Sun County rep: either Solanthis himself, or Belvani (good at dealing with foreigners) or Invictus.
Who's left out of Lunar high command? Erm....

The Coders aren't around at the moment (mainly because life is complicated enough)

Derenx had some influence, but the PCs killed him.

Of the three regiments present, the Marble Phalanx is looking for a new commander (the PCs killed him)
Will check the other two.

Lunar diplomats - well, there was Anthippus Anthellus, but..... this is getting repetitive.

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