The Humakt temple in Pavis



Ilkka's notes on factions

Imperial Faction:

Led by Derenx the Handsome, a Dara Happan Sword of Humakt. Highly skilled combatant that has never (to anyone's knowledge) lost a duel. That's why he's the Warleader of the Pavis Temple. Very pro-lunar and very disdainful of local or sartarite Humakti. Has about ten full time supporters of Lunar and allied origin, all very well trained and equipped. (This faction is secretly funded by the Provincial Government through an old companion of Derenx, a certain Anthippus Anthellus...)

Pavisite Faction(s):

The divided humakti of this faction are nominally led by the New Pavis High Priest of Humakt, the ageing Aurel Gutter. He made his name and position with many successful expeditions to the Rubble, but now due to old age and the Lunar occupation, his influence has been compromised. And not least because the more anti-Imperial elements of Pavisite Humakti have began to listen to Karrath Sing-and-die, an expatriate sartarite that has made Pavis his home. The twenty pavisite humakti are almost evenly split between wanting to resist the growing Lunar influence with more caution and wanting to take action now, and with much more violence.

Sartarite Faction:

These twenty-or-so humakti have for various reasons made their home in Pavis. Some have come in search of loot, some have expatriated from their homeland to flee the Lunar invasion, some are not saying why and don't like being harassed about it. They are the most divided faction, and have many, sometimes conflicting, agendas. They have no power within the Temple hierarchy because the Lunars squeezed them out. Despite their differences they all agree that Chunel Quickstab is a big dude and speaks for them. Not that anyone else listens...

I was going to make more smaller factions, but then I thought it would be too stale if I got all the fun to mess things up. I think there is
enough tension with the three above... So if others want to add more to the stew... ;o)

I'm making the Warleader and High Priest different jobs, as I understood the case was in Tourney Altar temple...?

i guess the only thing i would change is to have more of the Pavis & sartarite humakti as 'waverers', or undecided voters, if you like. otherwise i don't see how derenx could have so much influence if he only has 10 followers - aurel has about 10, and whilst the other 30 or so don't support him, directly, they are all anti-lunar. i can't remember the figures jane dug up for total membership of the temple, but was it about 70 - 100? are the rest of them floating voters? is this where derenx gets the bulk of his political support?

That would be my guess. I did some sums based on population of Pavis, and the RQ2 figures for number of rune levels in each cult, then assumed proportional representation.
A lot of it is that every time it comes to a deciding vote, it isn't a vote, it's a duel, And he wins.
And a lot of the rest is simple fear of the Lunars. ""Anti" is all very well, but actually going openly against them with no chance of winning is another matter.
In fact, using the reputation the Legion have (well, could have when it all comes out) for going up against the Lunars and winning may be very important.

Current situation re. influence in the Temple:

relationship to Temple 10W2
politician 15W2 (+6)
Seen as old and past it 15W (-4)
Cautious 10W (-3)
Making 9W2 so far

Relationship to Temple 15W
Lunar backing 5W2 (+5)
Wealth 5W2 (+5)
Reputation as duellist 10W2 (+5)
orate / sweet talk 10W (+3)
Making 13W2 so far

Groups of "followers":
descr numbers total support bonus loyalty Derenx/Lunar Aurel
Derenx 10 +4 Derenx 4
Aurel 10 +4 Aurel 2
Karrath 20 +6 anti-Lunar 1
Sartarite 20 +6 anti-Lunar 1
Ducks 4 +2 scared of Siggyr
Hengist 10 +4 mercs
rest 16 +6 scared 1
Seventh Cohort 22 +6 Aurel +3
Second Cohort 8 +4 anti-Derenx +4
Illig 8? +4

Physical layout

From the map: 15m by 30m, two-storey
The main doors are 5 metres across - I assume they're double, and impressive.

Notes from Chron so far:
"Striding through the corridors of the Temple, dimly lit by cunning artifice of oft-reflected sunlight, Siggyr leads Jamal and Dorinda to the offices of the Pavis Master."

So that's how they make it useable, despite two storeys and no internal courtyard.

"If you could arrange for your cohort to be present on the left side of the sanctum..."
Where they will be blocking the access to the ritual items, perhaps?

"As they emerge into the Temple courtyard ..."
There isn't one. Not as such. I think this is the central area, left open for practise, duels, and affording a suitably impressive view of the big statue of Humakt that faces the main doors. It's lit by skylights.
But the picture of Pavis (not the map) shows a central - well, hole, rather than courtyard. And windows facing into it on the first floor. Grr. Consistency. Wouldn't it be nice?

We know there's spare internal wall for drawing maps on.

Due to the Pavis map being skewed, NSEW are actually in the corners of the temple. This will matter for the Star Watch ritual, I suspect.

I think we have a square (15m *15m) area left open inthe middle of the ground floor, the centre of which is the duelling area. Stairs up? must be somewhere? Maybe to the left and right of the main door? Rooms filling the 7.5m section at each end - on the left, in the N corner, is the storage room for ritual items. E corner is Aurel's offices and living quarters, with that private smaller door from the street.

Anyone else got any visions of the inside to fit in here?

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