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Still obviously dazed from the day events Aelfwyrd is pale and wide-eyed. Leaning up again a large piece of rocky rubble he stares into
the middle distance. As Hrolf talks of honour and stealth he turns around to listen. Catching his bloodied hand on a sharp jagged edge
he looks down, as if noticing the wound for the first time. Removing the bandaging slowly he examines the cuts on his palm in the near dark. Words fill his mouth and with reverent tone Aelfwyrd's murmur breaks the silence.

"The disciples journeyed forth on the path yet they did not know him until the ending. That he would appear in their midst, and rend the veil from their eyes; they shall know him; he says, 'Here are the grievous cuts in my flesh, here are hands that master, here is the place that conflict is reborn; look my brethren and sisters, for I am he.' Every eye will be upon him, and every heart will know his truth. His will be the resurrection, the ascendance that will commence. He will wage war eternal amidst a land locked sea of crimson"

Aelfwyrd returns to himself once more and smiles

"It is by his deeds we shall know him"

OOC: Phew, what a loonie...
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