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Aelfwyrd and his old friend Kzgarn Barefang

High in the stars am I, below there is a forest stretching away in all directions. It is twilight, yet there is much movement down between the trees; I focus to the forests floor.

The towering mountain of lead thunders through the foliage, legs pumping furiously, flanged maces whirling and weaving strange patterns in the evening air. Its lord; Demon of the Legions of Death is with him; fear and hatred radiate like some insane nightmare. Tracking behind this monstrosity are its pack; fearsome berserkers one and all, clothed in lead; black and crimson.
The last of the Aldryami scouting party ducks and weaves, expertly picking through the undergrowth at considerable speed. She is fey; flowers of white and green in her hair, lithe and sleek; built for stealth and speed along hidden forest paths. This day is lost, like her party, but she will make it back to the glade to warn her captain at all costs. I know her face and that of the wood lord captain but their names are long forgotten.

The Death Lord will not be bested this day, least not by a snivelling plant. Thundering along it roars in darkspeech, calling to the underworld for a Fiery Death. Deep, dark red flames lick from behind chinks in its armour, tongues of fire dart from its helm and play in the air. Great gnashing lead teeth adorn its maw which immites a defening challenge cowing all within earshot.

Fear bludgeons the fleeing elf like a maul blow to the very essence of her being. Her concentration lapses for a just moment; a low hanging branch is not seen until too late, a blow to the head. Not fatal but enough to daze and slow. In a single beat of her heart the beast is on her.

Time runs slow as she starts to rise, looking this way and that for an escape. The whirling noise is close now and joined by a strange but yet familiar crackling and spitting sound. Sudden realisation strikes terror deep within, a searing heat engulfs her small frame and washes over the nearby foliage. The mighty Uz, wreathed in flames looms large over his prey. The forest nearby catches fire as her skin begins to crack, bubble and pop. Releasing a silent scream she leaps to the side in a desperate bid to be free. The whirling sound ceases for a split second as flanged maces bite deep into head and torso. She is hit twice mid jump and is thrown with a thud against a nearby tree trunk; landing in a broken heap on the forest floor.

Roaring its victory to all within the forest its raises the Aldryami with a claw, like a rag doll to its face. The berserker gang arrive like a herd of cattle then join with their master’s bestial victory celebration tossing the maimed corpse of the Aldryami between them. Fighting breaks out as each Uz wrestles for the flesh they covert so dearly. Bones crack and sinew tears; moments later little is left of the Aldryami scout bar spittle and gore on the berserkers breastplates.

Sated; at least for now, the Death Lord throws off its spiked helm revealing a malevolent and gnarled face, huge lead teeth like tombstones covered in gore. Pausing to only to swallow the remaining hunk of still burning flesh, Kzgarn Barefang looks up at me snarling a bloody challenge.

He is one of Zorak Zoran's favoured Death Lords, a psychopathic butcher in every sense; he is Fire, Death and Darkness incarnate.

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