PC ambitions

What do people fancy? What are your characters' career ambitions? If you *all* want Illig's job we may have to take turns, but anything else...?

Legion Champion
Kargan Disciple

And Vastyr will definitely want to be a Ten Thane. His stated goals also include eventually becoming a Hundred Thane.

Well from Jamal's POV it really has to be commanding a detachment of Heavy Horse....

Thought so. Got any ideas about how you're going to get there?

Not yet just switching to traddy-Carmanian wet dream mode....... the thunder of hooves as the dark cavalry crashes into the flank of the Marble Phalanx, spreading death and bloody atrocity.....

Do you insist on them being horses, or would other riding beasts do? "Cavalry", as a general concept?
If its got 4 hooves- its Cavalry. Bulls yes, llamas maybe, namby-pamby sables no way.

We have a Hiaa Swordsman wannabe in our midst, one of Aelf's followers. Fancy getting in touch with the Grazelanders and recruiting? (Read "Gathering Thunder"?)
Thats not a bad idea, from Jamals backstory, he was orginally posted to Tarsh to defend against Grazer raids, maybe he could work in a previously forgotten relationship. Grazelanders or Pol Joni would be fine, a bit close to Pentans maybe but they'll do.

Quick think - a combined unit of horses and any Praxian tribe that'll join up. Led by a Bull. Can I make this a White Bull?

Become a Herw'Ard Initiate, become a Hum'akt initiate, become a Sword and master Hum'akt's sharp shadow secret, recover all the regalia of Hereward, gather all the legions to liberate Carmania from Ganetaserus' Evil Moon, crush the Monster Empire along side with Argrath and Harrek and become the Blade for Argrath's last Utuma, thus becoming a god by this act (and all this before the player dies of very old age in a retirement house) :-D

It can only be alongside Harrek if the rest of the PCs haven't killed him by then
=> By luck, Harrek is purely optional, any mightier hero can take his place LOL!

Hundreds and who gets what

Siggyr - the Third, reformed.
Leave Dori with the Seventh and the Raven position.
Jamal - new Hundred, cavalry. (Which of the old ones might fit?)
Vastyr, eventually.
Seledd keeps the Second.

Who gets the Windsword? It's only of use to a Wind cultist - a Hereward devotee, effectively. That's Dori or Siggyr, at the moment. It's the regalia of the Ninth Cohort - so maybe move Dori out to that, let a PC take over the Seventh.

The Tenth, with Vivamort's Cloak as regalia? It's the scouts, traditionally, rather than the spies. Do we have any PCs in a position to take this slot? Hrolf is leading the scouts at the moment, but he no longer plays.

Order of promotion: Siggyr (unless we want him to explode, or kill whoever bypasses him), Dori, ???
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