Sages in Pavis

Yarran the Swordsage seen advising Hengist about Khan.
Yarran runs his palm across his bald pate as his considers.
The older man's lips curl is a half smile.
Yarran's tone changes as he speaks, falling into a measured deliver he is obviously comfortable with.
Yarran's clipped precise delivery would show to his friends that he was somewhat anxious.

Sarger from Jonstown.
Friend of Abul's
A young man with a black beard, taller than them with typical Pavis outfit but Sartarite physical traits.
"I'm an initiate of Hevduran myself and always wondered how to get some sword teachings from the Death Cult."
He's negotiating a discount on Abul's training.

Tutor in Darktongue

One of Dori's followers

The "previous resident" in the Legion's Riverside quarters. Dead.
"Thinks - thought - of himself as a map expert. Had some daft idea about getting some Orlanthi to fly him over bits of the Rubble, looking at foundations from above, or something silly like that. It never worked out. His sketching's lousy, for one thing."
"What holds him here is an oath unfulfilled. A task entrusted to him, the results of which were never delivered to his patron. He asks for aid in fulfilling his oath, that he may rest in peace."
"He declines to say quite what he was asked to research, since confidentiality was part of the agreement. But his patron was Duke Raus."
"All his papers are stored, he says, behind a loose brick in the wall. In the outside wall, which is at least an interesting innovation, and
possibly the reason why his killers - Lunar soldiers, incidentally - did not find them. The document we are asked to deliver is sealed - the rest in his store are partially completed maps of various areas of the Old City as it may have been in its heyday."
he was a tall man


Runs Hanafel’s Magic Goods, R-57. Retired priest of Dilfar Deepsighted.

Anglaf Ink-fist
Mostali sage, has an office in the basement of the right wing of the Knowledge temple.

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