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Now opened up to all, but I may lock some lower-level bits against you. If it says SECRET against it, try to take the hint?


Illig Stargazer
Seledd Brightspear
Egil Nine-wounds
Yorsar Hard-to-Kill
Uljar Breaknose


Politics - who's the next Governor?
Duke Raus of Rone - Tim, want to fill in our new revised Carmanian Raus?
useful info about Pavis families that I'll probably borrow
CA Healers
Pavis Entertainers


Scharman Ingilli
Arimista Ingilli

Caspian Vur - Humakti, former commander of the Pavis Royal Guard, in hiding in the Rubble

Rubble contacts

Zebra riders - friends of Egil's follower Gerras
Yelornans - have purchased sword training from some female members of the Legion


The temple in the new City
The rebels
The Rat (Secrets)
Krogar Wolfhelm


Sor-Eel is not here: on his way back to Glamour to explain himself
Notes on Lunar culture
The Coders - not present, escorting Sor-Eel back to Glamour
GimGim the Grim
Clerks at HQ
The Rinliddi - met in the Shattered Mirror, also linked to Vesekor
Lunar troops here officially: The Pavis book tells us that each regiment is divided into three companies, one of which will normally be in Pavis at any one time, while the other two are off guarding fords, borders, oases and so on. They are (even pre-Cradle) understrength: 750 men rather than 1000. So each company will be about 250 men. Anerash - P.O. who (used to) command the Rinliddi - now locked against players, sorry.
Anthippus Anthellus
Mysterious bald female met with Anthippus

Humakt temple

Derenx the Handsome - Warleader, Dara Happan, pro-Lunar (deceased)
Aurel Gutter - High Priest of Humakt, New Pavisite, aging ex-adventurer
Karrath Sing-and-die - leader of the group of Sartarites, now based in Pavis, who fought alongside the PCs on the Cradle. Now Warleader of the Temple.
Hengist - Pavisite, leader of a small group of mercenaries - killed by Khan
Yarran - Pavisite sword sage 2ic to Hengist
Humakti duck - generic, includes the one who told Blackbeak about Hengist
Novice-master, Aldus "Do it again, but properly" Longsword

Sun County

Ioanna - dead
Cavos Gilthelm - dead

No fixed abode

Efridel - trader whose caravan we guarded
Kell Fellblade and Sarostal Beartooth
Fourth Council aka Five Rune Ring

Recurring Villains

Probably best not to read these.
The Vampire - dead.
Barefang - dead
Trolls - generic stats
Krashtkid - generic stats from Anaxials, so protected
And other chaotic nasties from Anaxials and HQ, so protected
Aijo Demon - the Rose that Feeds on Men - dead, we hope
Ice monster stats: NPCHrimthur NPCHollri
Demons Darkness ones in particular
Kallyr Or maybe she should be under Orlanthi, or Vingans, or... Info directly on this page is open to read, I'll put Secrets down another link.

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