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The Lunar clerks at HQ



he's the clerk in charge of disbursements.
Sleeps in a six-man dormitory in the depths of HQ
"Pethonolus is open to bribes - a handful of lunars should get what we need."
OK, I'd better invent him....
Small, middle-aged, start of a beer-gut
Typical comment: "Do you know how much that costs?"
Abilities: whine 5W, arithmetic 15W, susceptible to bribes 17, penny-pinching 10W, good memory 5W

Scared of Egil.


the head Porter
"Klerdis is susceptible to pretty boys, but I doubt any of you lot want to go that route; not with her (he shudders). Her other weakness is native artwork - she's nuts for all that Praxian crap. "

There's also the likelihood that whoeveritis had an appointment with the thief, which means that his name was recorded on the master guest list for the building.

Klerdis is the type of woman that Irnar dislikes. She's big. Not ugly as such, though no-one's going to call her pretty, but big. When we say she's the head porter, head bouncer might be more to the point. And she's got a lot of experience: she's perhaps early forties. Yes, she likes men. Attractive young men. They tend to return from a night with her looking shell-shocked, and not saying what happened.

Likes the look of Aelf.

"She picks up a belt with her usual badges of office hung from it: the cudgel, knuckledusters, and so on: and buckles it on, then picks up a cloak"

refers to the Legion as "Hairyballs"


Shares a dorm with Pethonolus, was woken in an attempt to find him.


In Personnel - in charge of the Equal Opportunities program, and protecting the rights of Chaotics. (She's an ogre.)
" A stunningly beautiful woman, and one to whom the phrase "we are all us" is something to be taken very seriously. The Army's Equal Opportunities Program is one of her particular interests, and she tends to issue reprimands if she feels some of the more... unusual... recruits are being unfairly treated."
Currently out in the Rubble with the Silver Shields, objecting to the way they're "accidentally" hitting their fellow soldiers (broo) with their javelins as well as the enemy.
Ability to avoid an arrow she wasn't expecting? Errm....
Attractive 14, Crave Human Flesh 15, Disguise 15, Proud 15, Strong 18, Tough 12.
I'm sure she's had some basic training, but she isn't a member of the SS. That 12, plus about 3 for armour.
Dead, unless somone does a Ressurect. Urush shot her and got a complete victory.
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