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Yorsar Hard-to-Kill

Male, 41. Legion Champion, Devotee of Hu the Sword and Ex-Sartarite Weaponthane.

Tall and broad shouldered, he is an enormous man with long, uncut red hair complete with a sharp forked beard. Much of his skin is covered in battle scars with arms and chest boasting many regimental tattoos. He has a broken nose, and is missing a finger on his left hand. An imposing mountain of a man he is a veteran of many battles and is a firm favourite with the rank and file. Within living memory he has never been seen without his hauberk of finest chainmail, a great blackoak shield and Redemption, a serrated iron bastard sword.

Keywords: Legionnaire 4W2, Devotee of Hu the Sword 19W, Initiate of Hereward 2W, Sartarite Male 2W

Other Skills: Bastard sword combat 4W3, Hard-to-Kill 18W, Imposing 13W, Glower Menacingly 8W, Belittle Enemy 12w, Drink Mead 5W, Rousing Tale 19

Gifts & Geases: (three)
They do not include the "don't do ambushes" one, since he survived Whitewall.

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