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Hundred-thane of the Seventh, and Raven of the Legion.

Currently recovering from severe injury in Pavis, attended by Brenna, with various PCs taking over sections of his duties.

Likely future is that he does not recover enough to resume active service, but is "retired" to the Administratum, once the Legion has a safe base to leave him in. This leaves the way for a PC to take over the Seventh.

Quite how he avoids the usual Duck lithp while retaining his vagarities of grammar is a mystery no-one's ever had the nerve to enquire about (but for the players, altering the last letter of his name might give a hint)

Suggested ability list:

Cunning in the W3s (not Sneaky, that implies dishonesty)
Hu devotee, because I want him to have a Silence feat (and teach it to Dori)

Chronicle mentions

"Soon it shall no longer be our concern, for a little while at least." Yodi walks calmly ahead. "We shall reach the Altar today, and once there things will change."

The Humakti have long since learned to appreciate such statements from Yodi. Their Hundred Thane is close to the God, and when approaching a site as holy as Tourney Altar it is only to be expected that he might perceive a Truth hidden to others. If he said that things would change, then no doubt they would change. And, as Brenna has pointed out to the others many times on this march, they may be far from the Legion's wyter, but at least they have Yodi leading them rather than Seledd Brightspear.

... remember that time Yodi was fighting a cave troll? Stabbed it in the eye, while hanging off its weapon arm. He'd suckered it into a low-level attack, then jumped.

In Pavis, as we settle in
Remember our injured Hundred-thane, the one who's probably going to end up dead due to being steam-rollered under plot requirements?

Once the new/old temple has been made fit for habitation, he too moves out there - still slowly recovering from his injuries, but mentally with it again. He's doing a lot of the coordination between the different groups (Dori goes to him for advice quite a bit, as setting up an intelligence network from scratch, in Pavis, while trying to avoid being killed by Lunars who are actively looking for you, is an interesting challenge as the start of a new job).

He's also spending a *lot* of time learning about the cult of Jalmar. He seems to find their philosophies a good "fit" with his own, and is learning at a rather startling rate.

OOC: yes, I do intend us to end up with a Jalmari duck. They have the Jedi jokes already built in, and I have this "Duck Wader" figure that needs using, and... well, that's Yodi shuffled sideways out of our way.

But to continue about Yodi - he's also the one who's going to be instructing Egil in preparation for his Hu devotion quest. Him being, after all, a Hu devotee and one who's unusually close to the god. If that's OK with Adrian?
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