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Former mercenary in Henkist's band.
Introduced by George for the fight between Khan and Hengist. ChronP41

Yarran runs his palm across his bald pate as he considers.

Yarran sort of grew as I was writing that bit, he was originally just a straight man for the conversation.

I pictured him as, for some reason, either a lapsed or current Lankhor Mhy initiate who's also a Humakt initiate. One of those "meant to be a sage but became a soldier". He constantly makes innapropriate learned remarks - telling you all about how fascinating the smithing design on the hilt of a shortsword is, and the blade's probable provenance, while he's meant to be pulling it out of your shoulder would be typical Yarran. This is why Hengist's men traditional feel like throttling him most of the time, but in a good natured way as he's brave, honorable and fairly wise, in fact, so he's quite well respected. He's also a skilled swordsman, in theory, and does some sword teaching, but he's a bit old and slow these days.

Very pedantic, rational, interested in knowledge as it relates to warfare: strategy, technical swordsmanship, siege engineering and so on.

KeyLhankorMhy - Hevduran the Sword Sage

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