Yaazinda Melch’Abukk

Abul's mother

Original owner of Abul's amulet

History: The Melch’Abukk House is ruled since centuries by a long tradition where women are secretly initiated to witchcraft and darkness sorcery while males are trained to schemes, secret wars and plots. As heir of the House, Yaazinda was also trained to become a powerful member of the Secret Dark Church of Spol venerating Ganesatarus, but somehow during her early years she met the umbarist community (the heresy within the heresy professing that there is Good even into Darkness) and was trained to hide secrets within the secrets and to lie to the Lie.
In a secret rebellion, she turned her evil teachings toward goodness (e.g.: treating poisons instead of creating them) and despaired to escape her mother's grip when a young pelandan singer came to the Melch’Abukk court and somehow guessed about her distress. They fallen in love and escaped together. After having given birth to a son called Kovis, they lived four years hidden among the pelandan population until they get discovered by the Melch’Abukk witches. Both get killed by Darkness demons but Kovis escaped thanks to her mother's talisman.
Her soul is now held prisonner by Devshira Devshira the first slave-witch in the service of the Melch’Abukk House.

Age: early 20's
Appearance: Slim, dark long hair, white pale skin, long leashed dark eyes
- Romantic Beauty
- Rebellious Daughter
- Melch’Abukk House Heir
- Mourn for Lost Husband and Son
- Held Prisoner in Deshkorgos'Fourth Hell ?

Homeland: Spol
- Spolite Customs
- Command Social Inferiors
- Geography of the Satrapy of Spol
- Know Local Area (Spolite Secret Catacombs)
- Hidden Dagger Fight
- Hide Emotions
- Secretive
- Conservative
- Cold
- Look Down on Pelandans
- Despise Carmanians

Occupation: (petty) Noble
- Exert Authority
- Grooming
- Identify Social Status
- Politics
- Protocol
- Ride
- Embroidery
- Ambitious
- Aristocratic
- Elitist
- Snobbish
- Member of Melch’Abukk House

Occupation: White Witch (healer)
- Calm Patient
- Carry Wounded
- First Aid
- Herbalist
- Make Medicine
- Recognize Disease
- Treat Disease
- Treat Poison
- Calm
- Comforting
- Empathetic
- Relation to Poor Pelandans

Magic: Carmanian Pantheon
- Know Myths of Carmanian Pantheon
- Worship Carmanian Pantheon
- Honest
- Proud
- Divine Aid

Magic: Spolite Secret Dark Church
- Know Myths of Dark Church
- Worship Dark Church Deities
- Cunning
- Sneaky

Magic: Initiate of Solace in Darkness (Xiola Umbar)
- Umbaristic Philosophy (linked to Mythology of Xiola Umbar)
- Brew Healing Potion from Fungus
- Create Medicine from Insects
- First Aid
- Gentle Touch
- Intimidate Patient
- Treat Disease
- Heal Wound (Heal Burn, Heal Chaos Wound, Heal injury, Regenerate Quickly, Stop Dying)
- Relieve Pain (Calm Distress, Confort Song, Diminish Fear, Sooth Anger, Transfer Birth Pains to mate)
- Dark protector (Capture Attention of Foe, Defend Group, Shield of Darkness, Turn Blow Against Wielder)
- Compassionate
- Protective
- Strong willed
- Relation to the Spolite Umbarist Sympathizers

Umbarism: "Idovanus the Good God is also present in the Underworld and into Darkness"
Very basically a mix between an humanized Xiola Umbar in touch with Yelm in Hell.
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